Cash-Strapped Trump Forced To Replace Eric Trump With Cheap Migrant Son

NEW YORK—With his presidential campaign facing a historic funding shortfall that has left it with only $1.3 million on hand, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump was reportedly forced to reduce costs this week by replacing Eric Trump with a cheap migrant son. “In order to keep this campaign running smoothly, I had to find some ways to cut back on expenses, which is why I’ve made the tough but necessary decision to part ways with Eric and bring on Javier as my third-born child,” said Trump at a morning press event, placing his hand on the shoulder of the suit-clad 32-year-old Mexican immigrant while explaining that his newly appointed son, who recently arrived in the U.S. without documentation or a work visa, would assume his former son’s place in the family as the younger brother to Donald Jr. and Ivanka. “Eric has been a very good son and done some great work on this campaign, but the fact is that we need to make some adjustments. By replacing him with Javier, I’m getting a good, hardworking, loyal son at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win. Plus, Javier loves being here—you can tell he’s so grateful just to have the opportunity to be a Trump.” The presidential candidate added that although he appreciated Javier’s productivity and work ethic, there would likely be no place for him in the Trump family after the migrant son’s seasonal election work ends in November.

My father did the right thing and I will return to the family in 2017 at the inauguration .


Baseball Bad Boy Lenny Dykstra Parties At Vivid Cabaret NYC (Pictures)


The book comes out on June 28th, but Lenny Dykstra rushed to Vivid Cabaret (61 West 37th Street) to share some advance copies of his new book, “House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge,” with the lovely Vivid Cabaret New York strippers.
“He’s proud of his book and he read some passages to the girls,” explained Vivid Cabaret NY girl Kimmie. “Oh, and we all gave lap dances to Lenny. I consider it probably the greatest book party ever—just the author and us girls on the Vivid Cabaret Roof Deck Lounge!”
“He’s outrageous, and so is his book,” proclaimed Vivid Cabaret NY girl Ava. “The party on the Roof Deck lasted all night!”
“The book is so awesome I think we should have two parties for Lenny Dykstra. We’re taking him over to Rick’s Cabaret New York next week so he can meet even more hot girls!” purred Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Jessica.
Vivid Cabaret NYC is well known for having the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 1/2 feet tall), and is a favorite spot for pro athletes from all the major sports who like to “make it rain” on the club’s gorgeous dancers. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four blocks away.

Vivid Cabaret New York

61 West 37th Street

*** Over 100 Entertainers Daily

*** Three Floors of Luxury

*** VIP Ultra Lounge

*** 26 1/2 Foot Tall Stripper Pole

*** Deluxe Suites

*** Roof Top Garden and Smoking Lounge

*** Now Open for Lunch

*** Four Stages




WWE Raw Update 6/27/16 (Videos)

WWE Raw on Monday June 27th 2016 was a entertaining show, I liked the show as it ran well and was entertaining.   

I’m liking the Wyatt Vs. The New Day feud. I see Xavier Woods turning on The New Day and joining The Wyatt Family sooner or later, most likely at WWE Backlash. The New Day was funny , as they mocked The Wyatt Family. 

Sami Zayn Vs. Kevin Owens : They say this is the last match at WWE Backlash as the feud will end.  Hopefully, the feud will continue and maybe they could be a tag team. 

The WWE is setting up WWE Backlash as a preview of Summerslam in August. Going to be a fun summer in WWE


Taking A Bath In A Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool (Video)


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to swim in a pool filled with Coca-Cola, this is the perfect video for you. Youtube channel TechRax decided to fill an above-ground pool with 1,500 gallons of Coca-Cola. They fill the pool to the brim, and then add a bucket of mentos. If you don’t know, mentos become very fizzy when mixed with Coca-Cola

You can actually hear it, and the guy filming says ‘we got a little bit of fizz.’ The guys then take bags of ice and dump them into the pool to cool it off. The guy filming says that it’s about 200 pounds of ice that they are putting in

He then pans to the other side of the backyard, and another guy wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses is preparing to run and jump into the pool. He jumps in and then opens a bottle of coke and drinks some

He then dumps the rest of the coke into the pool. He is asked how it feels? He replies ‘feels like I’m in a pool of coke man.’ He dunks his head into the coke, and afterwards says that the coke feels smooth on his skin.