ALS Walk In NYC On May 2nd

The Stern Facebook Superfans and will be walking at the ALS walk in NYC on May 2nd. WE have been doing this amazing walk for a few years now, WE walk in memory of a awesome Howard Stern superfan Drew Miller who passed away.  Drew is gone, but his memory lives on and it is my pleasure to walk in his memory. All the info on the walk is in the link below, PLEASE donate to this walk any and all donations are welcome!!!!!….Also below is a video of Drew’s struggle with ALS a horrifying disease that WE need to find a cure!!!!!! Thank you all!!!

Click HERE to DONATE and join the team!


Bruce Jenner Pictures

I think it is awesome that Bruce is coming to terms of who he is and who he wants to be, and I know everybody will be watching tonight on ABC at 9pm EST the Diane Sawyer interview!