WWE Monday Night Raw 5/23/16 (Videos)

The Monday Night Raw after Extreme Rules,was a good show but it was more of a preview of Money In The Bank and less a recap of The Extreme Rules card the night before. It was like the WWE just started over and got into new feuds for Money In The Bank without acknowledging Extreme Rules that much. A weird show for sure last night. 

I’m looking forward  next week with the return of John Cena who will probably go after The United States Championship Rusev. It should be a good feud, and i’m sure Cena will start his open challenge again.

Here are the highlights from Monday Night Raw:



WWE Extreme Rules Recap (Videos)

The WWE put on their latest PPV show on The WWE Network last night with Extreme Rules and it was a entertaining show. Going into Extreme Rules, I wasn’t that excited for it as the buildup for it wasn’t really the best. A lot of matches seemed forced, but the matches themselves were very entertaining and the show was fast and fun. Of course the Extreme according to the WWE could have been a little bit more, but the guys and gals put on a good show.


The highlight  of the show for me was the fatal four way match which saw Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn Vs. Cesaro Vs. The Miz.  With Cesaro, Owens and Zayn battling it out, it brought me back to the good old Ring Of Honor Days when they were Kevin Steen , El Generico and Claudio .  The excitement was great in this match with many attempted pin falls. It was classic wrestling story telling.  I’m glad The Miz won, as I like him as champion and he makes a great heel that all the guy have to chase for the title. I hope Steen, Zayn and Cesaro eventually get their IC title runs.


The Asylum match with Chris Jericho Vs. Dean Ambrose was good, it could have been a bit more violent with some maybe flaming tables or something different. The thumb tacks in the ring brought me back to the days of Mick Foley. It was good to see Jericho take a bump into the thumbtacks like that as he’s never really done any extreme stuff in the ring. Ambrose needed this win to keep his momentum up, and maybe Jericho is going off on his  yearly hiatus from WWE.


The championship match was a tough match with lots of tables breaking and all. I think the WWE should just keep Reigns as a tough to be monster instead of trying to give him a fake personality that doesn’t work for him.  He was monster-like in this match vs AJ Styles and  this Roman Reigns is who  the WWE Universe wants to see, leave the John Cena stuff to John Cena.  It was great to see Seth Rollins come back at the end of the match. I see Seth winning the title at WWE Summerslam that takes place  in Brooklyn New York.

All in all Extreme Rules lived up to its name and the WWE did a solid job, I just hope they keep it up in the upcoming weeks. Here are some highlights of some of the matches last night : 





60 Days In (Review)

The season has ended for the reality show 60 days in which aired on A & E networks.  60 days in, is about a group of innocent people who are put into a jail for 60 days in a troubled jail. The warden of the jail wanted to see what is going on in the jail secretly from the guards and prisoners. The chosen people for the show, set out to see what is going right and wrong in the jail and some of them did what they were set to do, others learned more about themselves more and less than about what was going on in the jail. The prisoners who did the most and fit in more with the prisoners were Zach and Tami.  Zach and Tami actually did what the show set them out to do, which was to show the wardens what was going on in the jail. Zach told the warden about hidden knives and other contraband and Tami told the warden about some drugs being smuggled into the jail with the lunch trays.  The other “inmates” mostly learned more about themselves and who  they were in jail. Barbara the housewife was the one who changed the most during the show. Barbara came on the show as a quiet and shy type and at the end pretty much became the pod boss. Robert the teacher, who I think was just there to get some camera time and might have some mental condition, was a complete waste of time as he spent most his time in solitary confinement.  60 days in was a very interesting reality show, as it showed you prison life that many people don’t get too see from the prisoners point of view.  I can’t wait for season two of the show, which will air hopefully soon. Good job A&E and to the “inmates”. If you haven’t seen the show, it is worth checking out. Here are some highlights from the show :