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Superfan Of The Month 6/14

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Heyyyy Nowww…This month’s Superfan Of The Month goes to a awesome guy who has been on fire recently with some mentions from the king himself Howard Stern and a lot of his photoshops have been featured on and The Howard Stern Facebook page. I’m talking about the one and only Tom Adelsbach .  Enjoy Tom and congratulations on being this month’s Superfan Of The Month. Here are some awesome photoshops from Tom : 






33 thoughts on “Superfan Of The Month 6/14

  1. I couldn’t think of a more deserving SUPERFAN than Tom “NOT Bacharach!” Adelsbach. His creativity and sense of humor are unending….He’s so talented, I’ll probably choke his ass out.

  2. Congratulations Tom!!!! Your photoshops are pure genius!!! And you’re also a kick ass person. 🙂

  3. Way to go Tom. Always love seeing your contributions. And for Howard to single you out is great also.
    Congratulations !!

  4. Congrats Tom on being the ONLY superfan of the month for June! You deserve it buddy, great job on all your shops.

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