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Team Artie !!!!!!!

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With all thejoe-fae drama that faced Artie Lange on Twitter regarding the controversial tweets Artie posted about Cari Champion of ESPN  and the slave remarks, I believe Artie was really working on a new set of jokes for the comedy circuit. Artie used the world of social media for his comedy bit but it crashed and burned badly.  The jokes would have worked great in a comedy club environment but with the social media world you will get people who don’t understand his comedy.  I have been a fan of Artie , for many years and I know he is not a racist. It was stupid jokes, but Artie is not a racist.  WE at are behind Artie……


5 thoughts on “Team Artie !!!!!!!

  1. I have been a fan of Artie for years, I miss him on Howard’s show. I’m behind him 100%. Don’t let those fuck heads get u down,Artie. I want that t-shirt.

  2. Artie is a comic genius . I can’t believe people took those comments on Twitter so seriously. If I had a chance to talk to Artie , I would tell him to stop posting jokes on social media. People these days are so fucking stupid and politically correct you can’t joke with them. I’ve met Artie on a few occasions. He was one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met . He’s a down to earth guy with a big heart. I hate to see the bad press he’s getting. Hang in there Artie and keep making us laugh!

  3. I have been a fan of Artie’s since MadTV and of course The Howard Stern show and I know for sure he’s not a racist. The jokes he tweeted ARE funny. People need to calm down a little. We love you Artie. You’re extremely funny.

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