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Somebody Give Vic Dibitetto A Shot (Video)

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10 thoughts on “Somebody Give Vic Dibitetto A Shot (Video)

  1. I’m a new fan. Vic’s videos crack me up, and I will be sure to share the videos with my friends and family! I hope someone gives him a shot!

  2. Thank you Maria Stokes for accepting my request to join the group. I tried to friend Vic but his FB page is full. When I private messaged him to tell him he has made a depressed person laugh for hours he asked for my phone number and he personally called to cheer me up. That meant so much to me. I hope he gets what he is searching for. I have my own FB page with over 11k fans I posted on there about his web site and asked them to join here. Good luck Vic Dibitetto.

  3. He has to be one of the best comedians around. I have seen him numerous times and he is always coming up with new materials. Someone please give him a chance, he deserves it.

  4. This guy is truly hilarious!!! I found him on Direct TV 12 years ago and been laughing ever since even on a bad day! I wish I had a source to see him more often from here (Toronto, Canada). Every time I share a video of him with somebody they ask where they can see him! He came to Toronto to do a private show and killed it and was a gentlemen!! It would be a shame if someone didn’t sign the hardest working class Hero!!!

  5. I Love him!!! He manages to make me laugh on my saddest days. Ya gotta give him a shot :))))

  6. Vic is the best on and off the stage with a heart as big as jersey and at the very least deserves his own sitcom

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