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Kermit And Friends Starring Elisa Jordana

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I have been watching a NEW show on called Kermit And Friends which is hosted by the lovely and talented Elisa Jordana who has been heard frequently on The Howard Stern Show.  The show is Elisa interviewing different guests and it is a show that is getting better everyday !!! She has on the show  from time to time ex-boyfriend Benjy Bronk , and on the show they are trying to work out their differences.  Elisa also has on Ryan Lever a YouTube star who brings a lot of comedic fun to the show.  Kermit And Friends is a fun show to watch and chat along with in the side chat room. If you are looking for something fun tune in every night at 7pm to Kermit And Friends. The link is below and also below are some of Elisa’s songs. Enjoy!!




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