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Farewell Lucas Lorenzo Spencer………..

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Back in the late 70’s early 80’s I would come home after school to my grandmother always watching her “stories”  I would try to tell her about my day, but was greeted by Shhhhh my stories are on!!!!!….So one day I checked out what these stories were all about and came across a character named Luke Spencer played by Tony Geary , on a show called General Hospital.  At that time, he was a gangster working for mob boss Frank Smith who ordered Luke to kill some political figure in Port Charles the fake town where General Hospital was located. Well , as we long time fans no Luke couldn’t do it and went on the run with Laura and a amazing love affair was created.  As we know that the love affair was created by Luke raping Laura which was kind of hushed up by the writers. But the amazing acting by Tony Geary and Genie Francis made it magic. Luke has been on General Hospital for over 37 years and on July 27th it will be his final day in Port Charles, as Tony Geary announced his retirement from the show.  There are so many great actors in daytime tv, but whenever Luke was on screen he lit it up. Whether it was pulling at your heart strings or making you laugh, Tony had it all and we are all grateful we had him and Luke for 37 years of magic. I just can’t believe that 37 years went soooo damn fast.  Thank you Tony, we will miss you and we wish you nothing but the best.  Here are some of the best moments from General Hospital :




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