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Happy Birthday Card For Howard Stern

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Heyyyy Nowwww On Jan. 12th 2014 The KING OF ALL MEDIA Howard Stern will turn 60 years old. We here on and Stern Facebook Superfans want to wish the KING a happy and healthy birthday and here is to many many more years of great entertainment.  We LOVE you Howard, please leave your birthday wishes to the KING in the comment section down below and I will forward this link to The Stern Show on Monday morning 1/13/14 .  Here is a great picture from our friends  the awesome Alex Loiz and Doctor Ivan .  Superfans 4 Life!!!! 



171 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Card For Howard Stern

  1. Happy birthday, Howard!
    Thank you for the laughter you have provided in my life. Hope you enjoy another 60!

    Peace and Love,

  2. Happy 60th, Howard!!! Here is a clip of Sir Paul surprising Ringo on his 70th. Would be really cool if he would surprise you at your birthday bash and perform this for you! May you have 60 more glorious healthy and happy year.

  3. You are the best there ever was or ever will be. Thanks for all of the laughs, entertainment and inspiration. Happy birthday, and many more. Ba ba boey to you all.

  4. Happy Birthday, Howard and thank you for the wonderful years of entertainment you have provided us! Enjoy!

  5. Howard Happy Birthday and thanks for many great years! Your show has meant more to me then i could ever express . You have been around for most of my life. I say this with peace n love… benjy

  6. Happy Birthday Howard! Hope you got to spend your birthday quietly with your beautiful wife doing whatever you like to do. Best wishes and many more birthdays to go.

  7. Happy birthday howard . ive been a listener for 21 years. Similar to yaqi the tickler, you have elicited many years or joy and laughter. Sauce on side!

    I wish you a day free of worry ! I wish you a ton of laughs and a ton of LOVE!

    I hope Beth goes the extra mile for you in the sack tonight. Maybe you guys can do something different like The Cleveland Steamer or the Angry Pirate (that ones always good). You can google these if you don’t know. Otherwise! Here’s to many more! Muah!


  9. Happy Birthday Howard!! You have made me laugh every day that I’ve listened to you since 1991.Wishing you much happiness on this day!!

  10. As a devoted listener since 1986, thank you for all the continued years of entertainment!!! You rock and rule!!! 😀


  11. Happy Birthday Howard!!!! Thank you for the many years of great radio and entertainment. You truly are the KING OF ALL MEDIA

  12. Happy Birthday to the King, OUR king……for providing us with years of joy, entertainment, angst, whackpack, and your unmitigated angst……WE SPEAK YOUR NAME!!!!!

  13. You will never hear my voice, yet yours has touched me over the decades. I cannot survive the corporate world without your humor in my ears. God Bless you Howard Stern and Happy Birthday!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD!!! If you feel just 1/1000th of the joy that you have brought to the rest of the world, you will be deliriously happy for the rest of your life. Thank you for the decades of entertainment. I love you. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful you. You improve the world every single day.

  15. Happy birthday, Howard! Please don’t retire any time soon! Whatever SiriusXM is paying you, it’s not enough!

  16. Happy Birthday Howard!! Thanks for all the amazing laughs through all the horrible times! much appreciated… ENJOY!

  17. Happy Birthday to the most awesome man ALIVE!!! I love you, Howard! Thank you for making my VERY LONG drive to work in the mornings fun! I actually can’t wait to get in there car now because I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to say! Love you!!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Howard!!
    May you have many more years of happiness! May you keep the airwaves alive and bring us, the true fans, many more years of enjoyment!

  19. Happy Birthday to the King of All Media HOWARD STERN! You make me laugh everyday driving into my office and make it very difficult to get out of my car while in the middle of a bit… I find myself captivated and must hear the whole story so needless to say I stay in my car until the bit is complete… Looking forward to many years of laughing with you guys! Happy Birthday King

  20. Happy Birthday Howard. Thank you for all of the laughs in the early mornings. Wishing you all the best on your birthday and always.

  21. My dear Sweet King,

    Thank you for all the laughter and joy you bring to us. Have a wonderful birthday!!

    Love you always,
    Stephanie From Commack


  23. Happy Birthday Howard! Thank you for all the years of laughter. I don’t know how I would have ever made it through without you. I love you!!

  24. Happy Birthday Howard! Thank you so much for over 26 years of great entertainment. You guys are my Famiglia and I love you all. (except Benjy ) & F-Jackie…

  25. Happy Birthday, King! You are the greatest (and look fabulous at 60!); and thanks so much for sharing your humor, honesty, wit and sincerity. Peace and Love 🙂

  26. After all these years, you are still my crack. I don’t know what I will do when you finally hang up the mic, but know that we ALL really and truly, do appreciate you!! Love you ever, leave you never!

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂 <3

  27. Happy Birthday Howard!!! Thank you so much for all of the great years of entertainment!!! LOVE YA!!! BA BA BOOEY BA BA BOOEY HOWARD STERN’S PENIS!!!!!!

  28. Have the best Birthday ever Howard. I love you and thank you for the years of laughter and happiness you’ve given me. You’re the greatest….Best wishes my King..

    Love Jake C.

  29. A big HEY NOW!

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for all the years of laughter. Enjoy your day King of all Media!


    Ps. Tweet more and often


  31. Happy Birthday, Howard! Thanks for revolutionizing radio! You’re not just the King of All Media, You’re the Emperor of All Entertainment!

  32. Happy Birthday, Howard. Thank you for all of the years of entertainment you’ve given us fans (been one since the Channel noine days), & I look forward to many years to come. Peace & love, peace & love. 😉

  33. Happy Birthday to an amazing man, who has shown so many, how one can over come the odds stacked against him…Peace & Love~ Peace & Love~ xoxo

  34. Happy birthday to the “Led Zeppelin” of radio! You’ve blazed a path, created magic for over 30 years, and will close the door behind you. You’re one of a kind and thank you for being (and sharing) who you are with us!

  35. Happy Birthday Howard!!!! Thank you so much for providing us with hours and years of entertainment!

  36. Oh Myyy the big 60
    Happy Birthday to the man who brings millions of laughs around the world everyday and I am honored to be one of those people. Howard have a Happy Birthday and may you have many more years of success in your life. Remember if you want to keep those abs always get your sauce on side.

  37. Cheers to you Howard! I always look forward to my mornings with you and the gang. So grateful I found you many years ago on DC101, and I’ve been laughing every morning while getting ready for work. I work each day with special needs children, and most of the time you really need that something extra in the morning to get you going with life’s ups & downs. Continued success to you all, and of course, peace & love!
    Fan always, Pam Allen Brunswick, Maryland

  38. 6 Decades of Rule!! Happy Birthday King!! You make me laugh everyday. Sometimes you make me yell at my radio. Sometimes you make me laugh till I got shit coming out of my nose. I love you, you fucking maniac!! Peace and Love. Peace and Love!!

  39. HapppPPPpppppy Birthday my fav person on earth!!!!!! you are always there to make me smile!!! whenever im having a bad day… I turn sirius on and you are there to help me forget what went wrong. I have been falling on sleep to your voice for about 3 years now..people hating sleeping next to me because of this.. I dont care though!!! I love you so so so so much and you have changed my life and make it not so bad to be alone

  40. Happy Birthday Howard! You are the most amazing, talented, generous, beautiful, caring man on this planet, with rockstar hair! Thank you for making my 1.5 hour commute every morning worth being stuck in traffic. You are my sunshine Mr. Stern! Keep up the good work! We want many, many, many more years of shows, and may you have many, many, many more happy birthdays! Selfishly, we wish you could just renew your contract every five years until you are no longer able to speak, but we gladly take what we can get…three days a week is fine with me! I’d listen to you if you were only on for an hour a week 😉 I speak your name with peace & love on a daily basis! LOVE YOU HOWARD! My life is just that much greater with you in it….Mwah! xoxoxo – Coco

  41. Love you, Howard. I’ve been a Superfan for so many years. Thank you for being one of the best parts of my life. Happiest Birthday! Love you, Debra DeGenova, Schenectady NY

  42. Howard wishing you a very Happy Healthy and Awesome Birthday!! 27 year listener and can’t thank you enough for all the great years of entertainment and getting me through the day!!

  43. Happy birthday Howard. I will not be sending any cards, and or merchandise to be signed with Peace and love…peace and love. 143 KOAM!!

  44. Happy Birthday, King! An American original and simply the best. Hope you have a great one and many more. 🙂

  45. Happy Birthday my favorite 60 year old. My the Kitty Paws be with you.
    Thank you for entertaining me all these years. Best Wishes to you on your special day

  46. Happy Birthday Howard. Thanks for helping me get through my cancer and thanks for talking to me on the phone for so long. 2/9/06 and then in November. You mean the world to me. Hope you enjoy the special day!

  47. Peace n’ love, peace n’ love !! Thank you for years of laughs , tears , amazing interviews , and awesome live musicians . You are the King . Hope your birthday gives you as much joy as you’ve given us . Cheers !!

  48. It’s about time you reached 60, I’d been waiting for you! Do you realize that while Ben & Ray were makin’ hot monkey love to conceive you, I was being born? Happy Birthday Howard and many more prosperous returns! Peace n’ love, peace n’ love.

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY King of media…
    So many great laughs and years of entertainment
    Thank you and a Ba Ba Booey to you all

  50. Hey nowwww Happy Birthday Howard. I would have never met my wife if it wasnt for you. Have a great day and enjoy your bash on the 31st!!!! Baba booey baba booey your penis!!!!!

  51. Happy birthday King! Thank you for the years of entertainment and support. Some of my closes friends I’ve met through you ! Here’s to many many more !!

  52. Happy Birthday Howard! Many, many more! Peace and love and health and happiness to you! Thanks for for 30 years if entertainment. You are a part of my life. Xo Steph from Philly

  53. Howard, Thank you for all the great years of radio you have given and continue to give us fans and super fans week by week. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year. Happy Birthday King! with many more to come.

  54. Howard you’re our King of all media blessed you many more years of good health and happiness.Thank you for all that you share to the world.Truly Yours
    Brent Hewitt

  55. Howard, thanks for being forever awesome and inspiring so many others to love being different! Have more than a happy birthday! You deserve it!

  56. Happy Birthday. Wishing you only the best on your 60th Birthday. Thank you for filling my morning with laughter.

  57. Oooohhhh Mmmmyyyy your 60!! Happy Birthday Howard!!! Thanks for 30 years of Laughter & Happiness!!!

  58. Dearest Howard
    My mornings haven’t been the same since I discovered your greatness by happenstance as a teenage girl back in the early nineties. Have a great birthday! You deserve it!!

  59. Howard,

    I hope you enjoy your Special Day as I hope you enjoy all the days that follow. Please accept my most sincere and best wishes for a GREAT Birthday for the King! The King of All Media and the king who has entertained and provided guidance and been a role model for so many (me included).

    Howard, U R D Best and there will never be another.

    Most Sincerely,

    Errol – a 30 year fan

  60. Hey now! Happy Birthday Howard! Thanks for all the years of laughs and making my work day bearable. Peace and Love. I’m warning you with peace and love!

  61. I married a Jewish entrepreneur, recluse, paranoid, miserable, won’t leave the country to travel, genius man just like you. 🙂

    He talks about retiring too, but I told him he’d be even more miserable and you can only watch so much TV and order so much Amazon Prime before you go mad. Keep working.

    So that is my birthday advice for you my dear Howard. Keep on until you can’t keep on anymore. You will know when.

    In the meantime, you fill even my darkest moments with idiocy and laughter. You are such a gift. Thank you so much, and happy birthday.

    P.S. Tell Beth the picture of her with the little owl was the most beautiful of all


    Tiffany Strobel
    34G’s like Robin baby!

  62. Happy Birthday Howard. Thank you for your show and the Howard channels. I love you and your team. Feels like a family, dysfunctional and they love each other. Best wishes for a wonderful year and many, many more! Debbie French Englewood, Florida

  63. You’ve gotten older, wiser, better looking, funnier and gentler. I love you Howard. Your impact on me has been profound. Yours is a birthday worth celebrating!!! Tell your parents, “thanks” … Erica


    Sabrina Sepulveda
    Torrance, CA

  65. Happy Birthday to the man who makes me laugh every damn day. I’ve been riding the Howard train since the good old channel 9 days and I will continue to ride until the bitter end. Happy Birthday, Howard. You are THE best

  66. Happy 60th Birthday, King! Twenty-eight year listener since ‘YSP days and so happy to spend another year with you. Wishing you the happiest of days and your best year yet. 143!!! Peace and love, peace and love! xoxoxoxoxo

  67. Happy 60th Birthday Howard! I have been a Super Fan for the past 21 years. Thank you for all the laughs and for making life worth living. My life would have been so different without you. <3

  68. Howard, Have a very Happy 60th Birthday ! I’ve been listening & been entertained by you & the stern show since the WNnnnnnnnbC days. With Love & Admiration i Thank You, BaBa Booey !

  69. Happy Birthday, Howard.
    Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you make me mad….but the one thing you never do is bore me.
    I say this in Peace and Love

  70. Happy Birthday to a true radio legend. You are truly beyond a vision. I got hooked on you by My Mom at age 5 and since then I never looked at radio the same again. One my favorite moments in Howard Stern Show history is when you introduce the beautiful and talented Tabitha Stevens porn star first time. Howard thank you for many years of radio gold from happy and sad times. You know what it is like to be the King Of All Media and appreciate how your audience supports you. I love your movie Private Parts and read both your books and they are home runs. I love you being uncensored and on Satellite because you can have the FCC kiss your ass on how much you contributed to radio. Keep up the awesome job and I support you every way possible.

  71. Hey Howard,
    I want to thank you for the many, many years of laughter, good times, and fun that you have brought to my life & many others on a daily basis. You are the King of all media and I love you!! You mean so much to so many people. I still have the conversation of us talking on air before you came to Sirius. You are the man!! Have a Happy Birthday and many, many more. I speak your name. We love you here in Cleveland, Ohio

    Gail Hendricks

  72. Happy birthday Howard. 20 year fan! thank you for making the last 20 years entertaining for me. You have gotten me through some rough times. Have the best day of your life sir

  73. Happy Birthday oh great King Of All Media and Judges and everything else you do!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets to celebrate your 60th with you!!! This is the ultimate dream come true!!! I am one of your biggest fans and I can’t wait for the best day of my life at your bash!!!

    Jesse from San Diego!!!

  74. Happy Birthday, Howard! Thank you for making me laugh for the past 20 years! Enjoy your special day!! xoxo

  75. Happy Birthday and many thanks for the last twenty years of laughter. I only wish I’d discovered you sooner. Peace and love.

  76. Welcome to the 60’s Howard:) I have listened to ever since you came to Philly.
    I actually sold Sirius before you joined the company and heard many people say they would subscribe when “Howard Stern” is on there……. and the numbers of subscribers now, prove that to be true.
    I love your humor, you are the best interviewer in the business, and now even more people have seen and loved you on AGT!!!
    May you have continued happiness, love and good health.
    Thank you for always being there for all of us who truly love and respect you.
    Take care:)

  77. Happy Birthday Howard. All the best for this coming year. You entertain us everyday and make my commute tolerable. I laugh my ass off every day. Congratulations.

  78. Happy Birthday King!
    Thank you for years of entertainment!
    I hope you’re aware of the friendships you’ve created amongst your superfans!
    I’m almost positive there’s nothing else like this in the world!
    Peace and love, 143!

    Superfan World for life!!!

  79. Hey Now! Shalom from Jerusalem! Peace and Love, Peace and Love. I love you, Howard, and thanks for doing the show all these years. You have been a friend that has brought tons of laughs. Thank you.

  80. Have the happiest of birthdays! Not only have you made me laugh for the past almost 2 decades, you’ve been a huge inspiration in my life. Thank you so much for all the fun and funny times!

  81. Happy BD Howard!

    Happy 60th & I hope you have many, many more. Thank you for almost 30 years of entertainment, teaching me the correct ways to brush my teeth, wipe my ass & get rid of my back pain. The King Of All Media has been my personal King from the first day I started to listen to you….

  82. Hey Now Howard! Happy Birthday to you!! I’m not kidding when I say I wouldn’t be alive if it wasnt for you! You’ve given something to look foward to everyday. Knowing how hard of a worker you are, and how you’ve worked to get to where you are now. You deserve nothing but the best!

    I used to have to listen in the mornings inside my car, b/c couldnt get you on regular radio where I was living. So i’d listen before school from 6-730 in the car!

    Love your show and everyone there. Hopefully you’ll read this. Happy Birthday once again and BaBa Booey to you!

  83. Thank you so much for all the laughs and good times for the last 20+ years! You created more than a radio show…You created a culture. Because of you, complete strangers become close friends due to their shared love of the show. I hope the next year brings you all that you desire. Happy Birthday, Howard! 1-4-3, Peace and Love, and Baba Booey to you!

  84. Happy Birthday Howard! Starting listening on WNBC in NY and now listening on the Internet in Spain!

  85. Howard, I am wishing you a wonderful and happy and healthy birthday… You have given me so much joy with your humor and your sense of integrity…I am a fan for life.

    God bless you always

  86. Welcome to the 60s, Howard. Have a wonderful wonderful birthday. Thanks for all the great laughs over the last 25+ years & for getting me through a couple of rough spots in my life. 143 819. Peace & love.

  87. Howard,
    Happy Birthday! I have been a listener for my entire adult life and still look forward to each and every show. You are amazing ! 143, Peace and Love!

  88. 60 is just the beginning of the next 60 years of your life. I won’t make this birthday wish about me – it’s about you. Wishing you great health, joy until age 120, and may your birthday be as meaningful not just at 60, but every year till 120.

  89. Happy Birthday Howard!!! You’ve truly been an inspiration for most of my life and I appreciate what you do everyday!! Hope you never retire and will follow you forever!

  90. Happy Birthday Howard! Thank you for the countless laughs over the past 18 years. You have helped me through tough times by providing humor and entertainment day after day after day. I am so appreciative for you because I have met so many great people through a mutual love of your show, including building some friendships that can last a lifetime. Have a great birthday and here’s to wishing you many more full of happiness, peace, and love.

  91. Happy Birthday to the King of all Media, Mr. Howard Allan Stern!! We love you, we speak your name and we wish you the happiest of birthdays. HEY NOW❤️

  92. Happy Birthday Howard, Thank you for all the great years of laughter, Many more best wishes.

  93. Happy birthday Howard! Thank you for all you do for me, without your voice and humor there are many situations I was able to smile through when I thought I’d never laugh again. 143 819 ❤DZ

  94. Howard… You make every day better for me– live or old show– I laugh through ANYTHING because of you and your brilliance! Also, because of you, I’ve met some of my best friends in the world, all because we share a love for YOU, OUR KING!!!! Happy Birthday Howard!!!! I’ve loved you since I was a little kid, and look forward to many more years of laughter and smiles thanks to you!! 143 and a BabaBooey to Ya’ll!!!

  95. Happy Birthday to YOU Howard! Thank you for 27 years of laughs. I don’t know how I would get through some of the rough patches of life without you and the show. We speak your name … Happy Birthday … you make 60 look good! <3

  96. Thank you for the years & all the laughs that came with it. We speak your name, Howard. Have a happy birthday. ✌️& ❤️ to you.

  97. Hey now! Happy birthday Howard! You bring so much joy to your fans. Thank you for everything! ✌️ And ❤️

  98. Happy Birthday to you, Howard! You have brought so much joy and happiness to your fans! What what we do without you? Enjoy your day! ✌️&❤️Love, Lois

  99. You give us so much joy and laughter and insight too, Howard. Have the happiest of birthdays and many, many, many returns of the day.

  100. Happy Birthday Dear Howard,
    All good wishes for you today and everyday. Its my birthday every day being a Howard fan ! All we need….
    Peace N Luv Mariann From Brooklyn ,xo

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