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Happy 4th Anniversary Stern Facebook Superfans

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boatcruiseHeyyyyyy Nowwwww, On January 17th 2010 me along with 3 of the most awesome people created Stern Facebook Superfans.  I wanted a place for Stern Superfans to come and hang out and just be themselves in a non hateful environment. WE have created a amazing community in the past four years and i’m proud of our accomplishments. WE have raised thousands of dollars for ALS and breast cancer research with our yearly walks, and we will do more and more this year.  I have made many friendships in the SFS that I know will last my lifetime.  I thank all of you for the amazing support, we wouldn’t be here without you all.  SFS is much more than just a group its a lifestyle, and that I am proud of. WE say it cause we mean it SFS 4 EVER!!! Here are some great pics from our various SFS events. 



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