The Jungle Book (Review)

Joe MooskiOn 4/13/15 had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of The Jungle Book in NYC.  The new version of the Disney classic, is a modern take of a classic story.  I never saw the cartoon version of The Jungle Book, so I came into this movie clean with no expectations.   I thought it was a good modern day fable , that is typical Disney with great special effects. We saw the movie on a IMAX screen and in 3D  and this is the way to really experience this movie. With the IMAX and 3D , you feel like you are in the jungle.  If you have kids , this is a good movie for them although there are some scary parts for the younger set.  I hope Disney does a The Jungle Book part 2, which keeps the story going on this classic story. So I give it two thumbs up, and you should check out The Jungle Book! 

pic-alex-1That is Mooski opinion! but I saw the original Jungle Book movie the cartoon version and I compare the difference between those two and I think this new version is incomplete. I got one question why that damn monkey is huge and where’s the girl at the end. I give this movie One thumbs up for the 3D graphics and one big dumps down for making this movie incomplete I was expecting to see stuff from the original movie. Now I recommend Mooski to see the original movie because he’s older than him. And this is my honest opinion about this movie.  Oyea! please Disney don’t  maker part 2!