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How Superfanman Came To Be!

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On the planet of Superfanworld there was a bloody war between the fans and the haters that latest years. The battle was between The haters called the Gerox and the superfans called the Frox. The Gerox hated all the things that the Frox liked. The Frox traveled to earth every year to collect all things that were popular, they loved what the humans of earth loved, but the Gerox hated it and wanted no part of it at all and wanted to destroy it all. The battle was epic and bloody, and the superfanworld planet was in jeopardy. One of the family of Frox had a little child they named him superfanman and they put him in a capsule full of video games, Howard Stern , WWF and more, they planned on sending the baby, to earth to be the ultimate superfan and learn what all the humans of earth love. From the commodore 64 to the atari and tons of tapes of Howard Stern and WWF. The baby was ready in his capsule, but it took years to come to earth, so the baby grew and watched and listened to what the earthlings loved and Superfanman was born. In the capsule, the mother put in a superfanworld microphone that held all the power and memories when Superfanman held it, like Thor’s hammer Superfanman’s microphone was his lifeline to be the ultimate superfan! When he holds the microphone all the information from Howard Stern,WWF and WWE, Retro gaming and more come to him. His mission is to spread the love of being a superfan to planet earth and defend it from any of the haters. 

As he landed in Brooklyn, that is where he met him soon to be sidekick Amigo! at the bodega.  aLexbodegaAmigo introduced him to the green herb, that gave superfanman more energy and opened his mind up on how to fight the haters and spread the love of the superfans to the world. smoke They smoked the green herb in Central Park as they played the Nintendo gameboy , Superfanman was a pro at the game, as he remembered it from his capsule.  Superfanman knew it was time to spread the love of the superfans around the world and have people of all races, faiths follow him and show their love of being a superfan.

Superfanman and Amigo set out for Daytona Florida the site of Daytona 500.  They encountered a religious person, who asked Amigo if he was going to heaven or  hell and Amigo was high as hell and said he was Puerto Rican.  Superfanman and Amigo talked to the religious man and changed him into a superfan and the religious man became their first apostle of the superfanworld.  He promised to spread the word of the Superfanman all over Florida. 

At Wrestlemania in Miami Superfanman and Amigo met many wrestling superfans and they spread the word of the superfans and thousands of wrestling superfans heard the word and promised to be a part of the superfanworld .

The world started hearing about this strange man and his even stranger sidekick traveling around the world, but the haters and especially the haters on the internet, made sure to try to destroy all that superfanman had created.  The haters spread lies and drama on the internet with lies about Superfanman and Amigo, saying they were ripping people off and being bad people and also they went as far as photoshopping Superfanman and Amigo into a midget porn video with Bridget The Midget and a one legged woman. Superfanman said it was time for war against the haters and for the superfanworld to strike back against all the haters on the internet. 

To be continued…………………

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