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Tan Mom Escorted Out By NYPD At Howard Stern Birthday Bash

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The always controversial and fun Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil was a guest at Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash on Jan 31st at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Tan Mom appeared under the influence during the walk of the red carpet, and as the night went out got more and more “happy” . The New York Police Department were called to escort Tan Mom out of the building. There is never a dull moment with The Tan Mom. Here are some pictures of Tan Mom at the event:



8 thoughts on “Tan Mom Escorted Out By NYPD At Howard Stern Birthday Bash

  1. Not surprised! Many Others that would have appreciated that ticket And not caused a scene. Surprised they didn’t ask Debbie the pet lady to go to. With that said. I feel very bad for tan mom considering that she had a childhood that I couldn’t even imagine. Getting locked in a well and being hit about the face to disfigurement is just Horrific. Bottom line she needs long term in house therapy and people have to stop bringing her to the spotlight

  2. She looked more unkempt than I remember seeing her and her arms appeared filthy unless the dark areas were”sun”damage. Her hair looked very ratty too. I think her 15 min expired at the Ballroom.

  3. I was there and saw her swing her legs over the balcony railing. Security saw her at the same time and stopped her. They wrestled with her for a good 10 minutes or so and then the police showed up. They crowded around her for another 10 minutes, then dragged her off.

  4. Good! I was wondering why the hell was she even there in the first place! A couple of appearances, and flirting with Sal? Come on! So many others, myself included, would have given anything to be there. Waste of ticket. Waste of space. And #1, waste of the NYPD’s time!

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