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Can Anything Be This Good Again … By Mooski

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Heyyyy Nowwww…..What a amazing two days I had on Jan 30th and Jan 31st. The best two days of my life, started with The Superfan Roundtable hosted by Mutt on Jan 30th , this was a special edition of the Roundtable that featured some of the winners of tickets to The Howard Stern Birthday Bash. It was so much fun to talk about the bash and wonder what the next day  would bring for us .  Jesse From San Diego and Me got to see Spike Lee in the lobby of Sirius along with Charles Oakley , they had just come from a Sirius interview.  It was totally awesome. 

The next day, the 31st I was like a kid on Christmas morning and couldn’t wait for The Birthday Bash, I went for a shave and a haircut at my local barber , and then headed down to the Hammerstein ballroom for the biggest event of the year and my life.  Got to see the regular wackpackers Fred The Elephant Boy and High Pitch Erik and the awesome superfans were already there. We all lined up and we got into the venue around 5:30 pm , and the show started at 6pm.  My heart was pounding , It’s showtime!!!

The show started out with Rob Zombie performing “American Nightmare” and to see this performed live and at The Birthday Bash was another dream come true. The floor was were the vips were and from Barbara Walters to Robert Downey Jr. to Steven Tyler everybody was here for one thing, to salute The King Of All Media.

The Birthday show changed for me when Dave Grohl came out and performed “Everlong” as I was listening to the lyrics , i was thinking of the past thirty plus years of listening and loving The Howard Stern show , and one particular lyric got to me “Can Anything Be This Good Again” I don’t think I will ever be able to enjoy anything as much as I enjoyed that night saluting The King Of All Media Howard Stern , and happy that we were able to celebrate it with Robin.

To be a superfan for over thirty plus years , I feel lucky to have a awesome show to listen  Mon to Wed and the amazingly awesome friendships I have made over the years with people I know will be friends for life.  

After the show I was emotionally spent, I felt like I was on a amazing four hour  journey of my life and the show, and to be given the tickets on the air by Howard, was a dream come true.  I was truly proud to be a superfan that night . Can anything be this good again???

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17 thoughts on “Can Anything Be This Good Again … By Mooski

  1. Joe what an Amazing story and an Epic nite! I had chills reading your experience! If anyone deserved to be there more it was you my Friend! So glad Howard connected me with such great friends like you! Xoxo

  2. I’m so happy for you. It was a real dream come true. I would love to get to one of these events once in my life. It would be so cool to meet some Stern people.

  3. As I tweeted and FB’d a “few times” that night: This was the best thing that has ever happened. Mooski, thank you for your reflections of the night. It was an event as only the KOAM could present.

  4. I do not know if there’s anything else that can top this… I have enjoyed reading Stern Fans experiences.. I can visually picture the events at hand.. I am so grateful for all the fans~ Mooski, I am so happy you were there & that you share so much with the fans..You’re a deserving fan, full of gratitude & that to me is what a real fan is~ someone who is full of gratitude when able to do anything… Congrats again~~~~~

  5. You deserved this more than anyone Moosk. You are THE true superfan and I am so glad you were there to watch the show. Congrats and thanks so much for sharing this. xo

  6. This gave me the chills!!! Made me smile that night even more knowing YOU, and of course our Annnnnnn ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, were there! Thank you for your perspective of a dream come true experience for any super fan!

  7. Joseph Mooski takes his passion for the Howard Stern show and shares it with the world! He is a special person and I am so grateful for our friendship!! Keep Rockin’ Joe! You make it better every day! 🙂

  8. Joe so happy for you and all the fans who got to go! You deserve it! I hope it was everything you wanted it to be and much much more! Glad we are friends!

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