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Ataribox play Modern games

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Ataribox, the first home console Atari has developed in over 20 years. Right now there is a lot about the Ataribox that we don’t know. We don’t know exactly what’s inside, or how powerful the console will be, but Atari did state that it would have modern hardware and play current games.

It will also play classic Atari games, of course, which means that we could be looking at an evolution of the NES Classic idea. This could end up being a home console packed with retro goodies, and an operating system that allows you to purchase or play more modern Atari games. We would be perfectly fine with that, and there are a ton of games we’d love to see on the Ataribox at launch.

Assuming that Atari plans on loading this thing up with retro and current games to entice retro gamers at launch, we figured we’d mention the all-time classics that have to show up on the console out of the gate. These are the games that have the power to give the Ataribox that NES Classic level of hype and appeal; let’s just hope they make enough to go around!

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