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Happy Birthday Bababooey !!!!!

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29 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bababooey !!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Gary. Hope you have a great one and many more. Always enjoy your contributions to the show. All the best.

  2. Happy Ba-Ba-Birthday Gary! You’re the best show producer in radio history. Thanks for countless laughs and great memories! But the iPad wasn’t a stumble …

    Best wishes from RI! – Matt

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your lovely wife! Enjoy your Birthday dinner! Peace and love!

  4. Two geniuses were born on this date: Albert Einstein and Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate… Here’s to many more years! Happy Bababirthday, Gary!

  5. Happy birthday, Gary! Thanks for all you do, and all you put up with. Your presence completes the greatest show business family ever, and I am so grateful.

  6. Happy Birthday Gary!
    May you have lots of shrimp, black and white cookies and Reesees!
    Oh and don’t be bored for your Birthday!
    Peace and love, peace aaand love!

  7. Happy Birthday to the “Prince Of All Media! ” Thanks for all the years of fun and insanity! The show wouldn’t be the same without you! Love you ! P.S. I am the one who gave you the autographed Van Halen piece of VINYL at your book signing in Toms River, NJ !

  8. To the stalwart and always fascinating Stern Show producer, Gary De’La Booey: Thank you for your integral role in one of the very best things in my life, The Howard Stern Show. An only slightly worse man than yourself would have scrambled for the door long ago. May you have a stellar birthday. Sincerely, Barbara.

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