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Superfanworld want to wish a Happy Holidays!!!

We at want to wish our awesome visitors the best holiday. We are thankful to all of you , loving all our different content, and we promise to keep bringing you the best for the superfans.






‘Walking Dead’ Casts Major Comics Villain Negan

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Walking Dead comic book series.]Following an extensive casting search, AMC’s The Walking Dead has found its next major villain.Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been tapped to take on the iconic role of Negan, the F-bomb-dropping dastardly character from Robert Kirkman’s comic series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.    |||||  Click here to read more >>>>>


Rare Nintendo ‘PlayStation’ prototype exists, and can still play games

In what is likely one the most obscure and fascinating stories in video game history, Sony back in 1988 signed off on a deal whereby it would provide Nintendo with CD-ROM drives for the SNES. The thinking at the time was that the SNES, in addition to being able to play standard cartridges, would also be able to run disc-based games via Sony’s CD-ROM technology.

Ultimately, a contract dispute over money and various licensing issues killed the partnership, but not before 200 prototype units of the hybrid device, dubbed the “PlayStation” or “Super Disc”, were manufactured. This past July, a Reddit user posted a rare photo of the device after discovering it in his dad’s possession. Naturally, many commenters were quick to call it a fake.

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When Jimmy Kimmel Met Marty Mcfly and Doc. Brown In Brooklyn


I could not believe that on Back To The Future Day on Oct. 21st 2015, the day that Marty Mcfly played by Michael J. Fox and Doc. Brown played by Christopher Loyd went to the future,  would be in front of me thirty years later in Brooklyn on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was like a flashback to 1985 as Marty and Doc got out of that Delorean car and had some 2015 fun with Jimmy Kimmel. A great night for any fan of the classic movies. Great job Jimmy!!!!!