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GameaCon Coming In Novemember……

GameaCon is a conference specifically focused on independent game development. It will bring together the East Coast gaming community from Boston, Pittsburg, New York, New Jersey, Maryland…all the way down to Washington, D.C. in a single unifying event. GameaCon will also provide a bridge between the gaming industry and the consumer base, giving the devs access to fans and an opportunity to engage them. We are expecting an attendance made of game developers, gaming enthusiasts, artists and technologies supporting game development, media specializing in gaming, and college students from institutions with game development programs.

The event will begin with an “industry only” day on November 19th with networking and educational opportunities for industry professionals. Examples of educational offerings include Amazon App Store speak on game/app development topics and an intellectual property lawyer discussing the legal issues surrounding video games. There will be mixers and networking events. November 20-22 will open the conference to the public. Exhibitors will showcase their products in the Grand Exhibition Hall; a Smash Bros. national level tournament will run in the ballroom; Educational discussion will be going on in break rooms around the hall; a corner of the exhibition hall will be set up with a bean bag lounge for socializing and play; a space will be set up for board game developers and board game play.

Here is the link for all info :


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Superfanworld is NOW on Periscope And Meerkat!!!!!


There has been tons of buzz in the entertainment and technology news about two pretty new apps that take streaming video to the next level.  Meerkat and Periscope  are social networks with VIDEO and they are both addicting!!! The streams on both platforms are fun to watch and are totally interactive. has joined both and we have already streamed video on both and will be doing a lot more. Both applications support Ios and Android platforms.   We have a lot of good ideas on what kind of videos we will be streaming LIVE to the superfans!!!! Just follow @Superfanworld on both apps!!!! Here are the links to download both :