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The Return Of Twin Peaks (Videos)

May 21st is the return of the critically acclaimed tv show of the 90’s Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks will debut on Showtime and will feature many of the cast members of the original 90’s tv show. The creator of the show David Lynch said the show will focus on the odyssey and journey of Agt. Dale Cooper. I can not wait for this show to debut, as it is one of my favorite shows EVER. 


The President Show On Comedy Central (Video)

The new The President Show on Comedy Central, has potential to be a funny show if they stick just with comedy and less digs of President Donald Trump. The premise of the show is funny , that the President wants to host a talk show from The Oval Office of The White House. I just hope Comedy Central brings the funny with this new show and brings the comedy to Comedy Central.


The Mummy Trailer (Video)

The Mummy the new movie starring Tom Cruise, looks like a fun and scary time at the movies. I’ve never been a big Tom Cruise fan, as I thought many of his movies were hokey and that he’s a better actor than action hero. This movie looks good , as it looks like a throwback to the old school Hollywood horror movies with today’s special effects thrown in. Here is the latest trailer of the movie : 


Best Of The Gong Show (Videos)

On March 22nd Chuck Barris, the star and producer of the legendary The Gong Show passed away at 87. Back in the late 70’s The Gong Show was one of MY favorite shows, as it was crazy and fun and just totally off the wall. I loved the goofy way Barris used to dance on the show . It was just fun and junky TV that was perfect. R.I.P Mr. Barris and thank you for The Gong Show. Here are some great moments of The Gong Show :