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Marvel Agents Of Shield Season Finale (Videos)

Tonight on 5/16/16 is the season finale of Marvel Agents Of Shield and someone will die.  This season has to be one of the best seasons of the show, as its all about the changing characters who are finding their ways in the Marvel Universe. I am not sure who is going to die tonight, and you know with these shows and comic books…nobody stays dead forever…….Agents Of Shield airs on ABC at 9pm . Here are some clips from tonight’s episode : 


When Steve Martin Met Howard Stern !!!

From DavidGlantz 


From Drawn For You


The word Legend gets passed around easy nowadays, but one person who is a legend is Steve Martin. From all the TV work and movie work he is truly a icon. On May 16th Steve Martin made his Howard Stern Show debut being interviewed by the KING OF ALL MEDIA Howard Stern.  The interview was great, talking about parents and the early days of writing tv. You could tell Howard was in awe of such a legend on a show, and you could tell the respect Howard has for Martin. This interview could have gone on longer, and I would have listened to every word.  Great job and YOU can see Steve Martin’s new musical on Broadway “Bright Star” , click here for all info : BrightStarOnBroadway .  Here are some classic Steve Martin clips : 


The Best Of Friday The 13th And Jason Vorhees (Videos)

I think its time to bring back Jason for 2016, in not a remake but a continuation of the Jason saga. We need Jason in the world of selfies and social media of 2016!!! Here are some videos that highlight the maniac we call Jason.  I remember seeing the first Friday The 13th in 1980 with a neighborhood friend, and it was the perfect “summer” movie where you just went to the movies to get out of the heat and for some good soda and popcorn. Good times and good memories…..


One Year Ago Today Howard Stern Last Appearance With David Letterman (Videos)

It’s been one year already that Howard Stern said goodbye to his friend David Letterman, as Letterman was getting ready for retirement from his talk show. The Superfans were outside as always cheering on Howard, I miss those times as it was a fun time to hang with some superfans. Those days may be gone, but memories never die. Here is a look back at that day :