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Unbelievable!!!! The Movie Preview (Video)

“Unbelievable!!!!!” is a Sci-Fi Parody Adventure. The movie follows the exploits of four astronauts (one of which is an animatronic marionette which resembles Captain Kirk from the 1960’s TV show “Star Trek”) who travel to the Moon on a rescue mission to determine the fate of two NASA comrades who have not been heard from in several days. The individuals they find at the Lunar Base are not whom they appear to be and, through acts of trickery and deception, nearly succeed in killing our heroes. The four return to find that everyone on the planet has been transformed into a variant life-form. Aliens from Mars have conquered Earth and now seek to destroy the last remnants of humanity. The astronauts fight back and soon discover how to rid themselves of the alien threat.

We have cast 40 previous iconic “Star Trek” actors in this film. We have also hired Gerald Fried, an Emmy-Award winning composer, to score our film. Gerald was a composer for the original “Star Trek” and has written some of its most iconic musical themes including “Amok Time’s” Fight Music. Fried won his Emmy for his Composition work on the 1970’s TV Series “Roots”. Additionally we hired Tommy Morgan as our Lead Bass Harmonia player who also worked on the Original Star Trek Series, “Spectre of the Gun”. Also within our orchestra is multi Grammy and Academy Award winner Dave Grusin as our Pianist. Dave is known for his work on “The Graduate”, “On Golden Pond” and “Tootsie”. We produced this film to include many of our favorite Star Trek stars from the past in a light-hearted parody-adventure, look forward to the fun with many of your favorite actors, a few plants….and a few dogs.


Rob Zombie’s 31 Official Trailer (Video)

This looks good…..i’m not crazy about the NEW era of horror movies today, either not scary enough or just plain dumb. I miss the 80’s slasher films like Friday The 13th or Nightmare On Elm Street kind of movies. Rob Zombie is a superfan of those movies, and wants to keep the tradition alive and kicking….This looks good and opens in September……Time will tell if its good or not, but hopefully it works…


Nick Cannon Vs. Eminem Rap Battle (Video)


Will the years-old rivalry between Nick Cannon and Eminem finally come to a head — with an epic rap battle?

In an interview with British radio DJ Tim Westwood, Cannon announced plans to host a rap battle on his BET show “Wild N’ Out” — and he wants Eminem to be there.

“I’m still ready!” Cannon said, in reference to a past call-out for the native Detroiter to appear on the show.

Nick Cannon @NickCannon
Everybody knows I would LOVE @Eminem to be on Wildnout! Yall go convince Marshall!!!

The hitch of this new battle? Any challenger would need to put up $100,000 and Cannon would do the same, for a combined $200,000 pot.

“Once I win, I’m going to donate to a children’s hospital,” a very confident Cannon said.


America’s Got Talent Returns !!!!


America’s Got Talent returns to TV tonight on NBC with new judge Simon Cowell, who replaces Howard Stern.  Cowell formerly of Britain’s Got Talent , X-Factor and of course American Idol, makes his return to American TV. It should be interesting and always fun to see Cowell and his judging antics on the show. AGT is always a fun show to watch during the summer, as I have been watching it since the way beginning. Let the judging begin…Here are some clips from the upcoming season : 


60 Days In (Review)

The season has ended for the reality show 60 days in which aired on A & E networks.  60 days in, is about a group of innocent people who are put into a jail for 60 days in a troubled jail. The warden of the jail wanted to see what is going on in the jail secretly from the guards and prisoners. The chosen people for the show, set out to see what is going right and wrong in the jail and some of them did what they were set to do, others learned more about themselves more and less than about what was going on in the jail. The prisoners who did the most and fit in more with the prisoners were Zach and Tami.  Zach and Tami actually did what the show set them out to do, which was to show the wardens what was going on in the jail. Zach told the warden about hidden knives and other contraband and Tami told the warden about some drugs being smuggled into the jail with the lunch trays.  The other “inmates” mostly learned more about themselves and who  they were in jail. Barbara the housewife was the one who changed the most during the show. Barbara came on the show as a quiet and shy type and at the end pretty much became the pod boss. Robert the teacher, who I think was just there to get some camera time and might have some mental condition, was a complete waste of time as he spent most his time in solitary confinement.  60 days in was a very interesting reality show, as it showed you prison life that many people don’t get too see from the prisoners point of view.  I can’t wait for season two of the show, which will air hopefully soon. Good job A&E and to the “inmates”. If you haven’t seen the show, it is worth checking out. Here are some highlights from the show :