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The Best Of Davey And Goliath (Videos)

In the 1970’s there was a show called Davey And Goliath, about a boy and his talking dog. The show was produced by a church group, so it almost always aired on early Sunday morning. Every week Davey And Goliath learned a new lesson, and how it compared with Sunday school teachings. A classic show for a classic time. I miss the old stop motion animation of these old shows. I remember waking up on a early Sunday morning to watch this show…..


Best Of The Gong Show (Videos)

On March 22nd Chuck Barris, the star and producer of the legendary The Gong Show passed away at 87. Back in the late 70’s The Gong Show was one of MY favorite shows, as it was crazy and fun and just totally off the wall. I loved the goofy way Barris used to dance on the show . It was just fun and junky TV that was perfect. R.I.P Mr. Barris and thank you for The Gong Show. Here are some great moments of The Gong Show : 


70’s Children TV Commercials (Videos)

How many do you remember ?? G.I. Joe?? Stretch Armstrong??? Stretch Monster??? Toys and commercials had such a sense of innocence back in the 70’s that is so missing in today’s fast and furious world. I so miss the Saturday morning tv that had The Smurfs and just silly children shows, but were great. I so looked forward to every Saturday morning , it was like a ritual. Good times indeed.