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Howard Stern Spoiled Artie Lange (Video)

After Artie’s recently been trashing Howard, let’s look back at how well Howard treated him….

Artie Lange is speaking his mind.The comedian, a regular on The Howard Stern show for nearly 10 years, vented on his Artie Quitter podcast  about Stern’s dramatic shift from radio’s raunchiest rebel to a star giddy to rub shoulders with the likes of A-listers such as Ellen DeGeneres, Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston.

On his podcast, Lange opened up about his former boss while detailing a documentary being made about him that Stern won’t have any part of.

I don’t fully believe that Howard spoiled Artie , but I think Howard just thought of Artie as a friend. But Artie is a addict and it is hard to deal with a addict and Howard is scared that if he deals with Artie again he will decline further. I am and still will be a Artie Lange fan, and I hope he gets his demons under control. 


New Artie Lange Podcast For 2015

The baby gorilla Artie Lange is back on the radio, with his own podcast which began on 1/5/15. Artie is charging $6.95 per month to listen and promises 4 shows a week and some specials. It’s going to be fun to see who Artie has on every night and if he is going to have anybody on from The Howard Stern Show. I will be listening to Artie, and I recommend all superfans to check it out. Good luck Artie!!!!! Here is the link to listen to the show and subscribe :