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Flashback Friday : The Best Of Monday Night Raw (Videos)

Monday night WE celebrate the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. I have been a big fan of Raw , since the very first show at The Manhattan Center in NYC. Here are some of  THE BEST clips from Raw’s 25 years!!! I’ve been to many Raw’s the first one’s at MSG and the first one’s at The Barclay Center. I have been to the Raw after Mania and Raw after Summerslam. It’s always been a great time!!!


First Footage Of WWE 2k18!!!!!! (Video)

WWE 2K creative director Lynell Jinks shows off the first footage of WWE 2K18.  The graphics get better and better every year, I just hope WWE does more with the game, and makes it more exciting and dramatic for ALL WWE fans…..

Order WWE 2k18 Here : 


Rotten Apple Presents : The Rock 2020 ! (Video)

Watch this hilarious and funny cartoon written by Comedian Mike Boyle. This is real life comedy folks as Mikey and his friend talk about today’s news topics. In this wonderful animation series, Mikey talks about The Rock Dwayne Johnson running for President. This is uncensored guys. Mikey’s racist friend Tyrone has his say. This is American humor with a bunch of great jokes in it. Subscribe Here : RottenApple 


WWE RAW Results 8/8/16 (Videos)

Another Monday and another Monday Night Raw…and recently its been more like Monday Night Eh….I think the WWE and RAW are still trying to find their way around with the new era and also the brand split. Some of Raw was very good especially the Rusev Vs. Cesaro match, cause Cesaro is so damn good he could make anybody look like a superstar. 

Despite the lackluster RAW i’m looking forward to Summerslam in two weeks from The Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Summerslam is going to be a good show as they have some interesting matches going on especially Randy Orton Vs. Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins again Finn Balor.  I will be LIVE at RAW in Brooklyn at Barclay Center on August 22nd. I will be Periscoping LIVE from there as much as i can , so make sure YOU follow us on Twitter and Periscope @SternFBSuperfan . Here are the RAW highlights : 


Brock Lesnar Vs. Randy Orton At Summerslam (Video)

brockvortonSo it’s Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton at Summerslam in August. I don’t know what to say about this match, Orton hasn’t had a match in over a year. There is no buildup at all for this match, at least the WWE could have had them in interviews, about why they want to battle. It’s just like a thrown together match, as they need to get Orton back, but it’s just weird booking. Hopefully the WWE does good and promotes this match good, but time will tell. Am I excited for the match?? Eh..not now and not with Orton


WWE Summerslam Coming To Brooklyn In 2016 And 2017 (Video)

WWE announced that their annual summer extravaganza Summerslam will originate from The Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York in 2016 and 2017. This is going to be awesome, as Brooklyn and the area is perfect for a WWE weekend which will also include a WWE NXT show and a Monday Night Raw the night following Summerslam. I went to the 2015 addition of Summerslam, and I’m super excited to go back next year!!!!!


The Best Of The Late Show With David Letterman Final Show (Videos)

Amazing night…Thanks Dave for great memories and fun!!!