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The Mike Boyle Show With Mariann From Brooklyn

On 2/26/14 at 9pm EST . The Mike Boyle Show on Blogtalkradio.com will be interviewing the awesome Mariann From Brooklyn. Mariann will be talking all about Howard and America’s Got Talent and everything Mariann..Tune in Superfans and call in at (310) 807-5150 and here is the link to listen in : 



Mike Boyle Interviews Joseph Mooski 1/15/14

Comedian Mike Boyle interviews Superfanworld.com and Stern Facebook Superfans creator Joseph Mooski , and they will talk all about Howard and the superfans on January 15th 2014. Please listen in at 9pm EST and call in at : (310) 807-5150 and here is the link to listen : 




Mike Boyle Interviews Vic Dibitetto On 1/8/14

Comedian Mike Boyle interviews comedian Vic Dibitetto on Wednesday December 8th at 9pm on his podcast “The Mike Boyle Show” on  blogtalkradio.com. Mike is a great interviewer and I can’t wait to hear what he has to ask THAT GUY Vic Dibitetto.  Vic is a internet sensation with hundreds of videos on YouTube and one called “Bread And Milk” which has over ten million views and growing . To call into the show call  : 310-807-5150 . Here is the link to listen in:



Here is Vic’s Bread And Milk Video :