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The Birth Of Baba Booey (Videos)


Baba Looey is Quick Draw McGraw’s sidekick. He is brown, has long ears, wears a
sombrero and speaks with a thick Mexican accent. He is often seen hanging around with Quick Draw and helps him catch bad guys.

Baba Looey is often portrayed as the more thoughtful half of the duo. At times realizing some detail about a given situation, Baba Looey tries desperately to caution Quick Draw of a trap or other danger, before Quick Draw charges headlong into the fray without listening or giving consideration to his surroundings.

The birth of Baba Booey from all the way back in July 26th 1990. Gary loved collecting animation cells from classic cartoons.  Gary came into the studio telling Howard how he wanted to get a Quick Draw Mcgraw and a Bababooey cell next. Howard was , what did you call that and Gary repeated Bababooey.  Howard to Gary if you loved the character and the cells so much, you should have at least said the name right. Bababooey was born and the rest is history.


Happy Birthday Bababooey !!!!!

Heyyy Nowwww…I want to wish a very happy birthday to Gary “Boy Gary” “Bababooey” Dell’Abate … Gary is a legend on The Howard Stern Show and we love him. Enjoy your day Gary , and thank you for all the fun and memories!!!