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George Takei Allegiance Musical Hits Movie Screens Dec. 13th!!!! (Videos)

The hit George Takei and Lea Salonga Broadway musical hits movie theaters around the country on December 13th . Fathom events is hosting a one night showing of the musical at theaters everywhere. 

You can order your tickets to the movie here : ALLEGIANCE 

Here are some videos from the Broadway run : 


When Steve Martin Met Howard Stern !!!

From DavidGlantz 


From Drawn For You


The word Legend gets passed around easy nowadays, but one person who is a legend is Steve Martin. From all the TV work and movie work he is truly a icon. On May 16th Steve Martin made his Howard Stern Show debut being interviewed by the KING OF ALL MEDIA Howard Stern.  The interview was great, talking about parents and the early days of writing tv. You could tell Howard was in awe of such a legend on a show, and you could tell the respect Howard has for Martin. This interview could have gone on longer, and I would have listened to every word.  Great job and YOU can see Steve Martin’s new musical on Broadway “Bright Star” , click here for all info : BrightStarOnBroadway .  Here are some classic Steve Martin clips : 


My Journey With Allegiance

Tonight on November 10th 2015, I ended my journey with the Broadway show Allegiance The Musical.  I first heard about Allegiance through George Takei on The Howard Stern Show a few years ago. I got to see it in pre-production mode in two very small and intimate theaters in NYC and fell in love with it.  Tonight, I saw the finished product of all those years and it was truly amazing.

What makes Allegiance different than the rest of the other Broadway shows that have come and gone before it, is that they opened up their show to the fans, and showed us pretty much behind the curtain of what goes into creating such a awesome musical. The crew used social media like no show has ever done, creating tons of hype for it all on Facebook and Twitter.  Very few if any shows have ever been so open with the fans as Allegiance has.  When you see it, you feel like you are a part of the family there. 

The show itself, and I don’t want to give too much away here, is about Family , love and the love of a country. I think the story of Allegiance , although taking place in the 40’s during World War II the story is timely as ever, as we are dealing with the discussion of immigrants in this political season.  Lea Salonga is truly sensational in the show, I could listen to Lea sing forever.  Telly Leung does very well in the show too, but the heart of the show belongs to the one and only George Takei, who you can see on stage, has his heart and soul into this project, and it radiates on the stage for all to see.  

Despite its emotional story, you leave the show with a feeling of closure and of love and to witness the endurance of what these people went through because they never gave up hope they always had Gaman…………

For tickets click here : Allegiance


Excited To See Allegiance On Broadway Nov. 10th

I am extremely excited to see THE new George Takei and Lea Salonga musical Allegiance on Broadway on my birthday November 10th in NYC. This  show is a birthday gift for myself, as I have seen Allegiance in two other pre productions and it was amazing then I can’t wait to see the final product. I will be LIVE on Periscope on that day so make sure YOU follow us on Periscope @sternfbsuperfan  . I will also have a review of the show on November 11th so make sure YOU check that out …. To order YOUR tickets to this awesome show…..click here : AllegianceOnBway