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Superfanworld Comedy Night 06/04/16 !!!!


Superfanworld is pleased to announce OUR first Superfanworld comedy night in NYC on June 4th. We will showcase THE BEST comedians in and around NYC. WE have a great line up of awesomely funny people. Come out for a great night of fun and laughs. Tickets are limited and will sell out FAST!!

Superfanworld Comedy Night will take place at Producers’ Club which is located on 358 West 44th Street. The venue is close to all mass transit. 

All sales are Final !!!

To order YOUR tickets click here : SuperfanworldComedyNight


Andy Kaufman And Red Foxx To Perform Again !!!!!

The company Hologram USA , who specialize in celebrity holograms announced this past week that the legendary performers Andy Kaufman and Red Foxx who have been dead for many many years , will  be back on stage and touring again.  The dead performers will be back in hologram form , and I for one can’t wait to see them finally live if only via hologram.  This is a pretty cool technology, as I have seen it work for 2pac at a concert. If you want to learn more check them out here : hologramusa