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Joey Boots Drugs, Robbery and Booeybombs




Joey said that he was 15 at the time and he was doing drugs back then. He had run away from home at that age so he was out on the street hustling and selling drugs. Howard said that he should write a book about all of this stuff because he’s a good writer. Joey went on to say that he was trying to score drugs at the time. He was behind some bus terminal and was doing any drug he could get his hands on. He also had a massive burglary ring going on out on Long Island back then.

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Joey said that it was so long ago that he didn’t remember all of the details. It was way back in 1982. He said he was talking to some guy at the Port Authority and the guy said he had some weed and coke if he wanted it. The guy was about 30 years old and looked kind of like Jon Hein but smaller. Howard said that’s not hot. Artie said that’s kind of funny because this is when Joey’s life ”Jumped the Shark.”

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Joey said he got back to the guy’s apartment and the guy must have given him some kind of ruffies or something because his head was spinning after just a short time. He didn’t feel right and the guy had some power. The guy reached out with three fingers and grabbed him by the neck. He squeezed it and pulled out a knife. The guy said he knew he was going to rip him off and held the knife to him. He said he was then thrown down on his bed and his pants were pulled down. He thinks the guy made him pull them down. He thought it was the end of his life at that point.

Joey said he then got raped by the guy. Joey’s voice was quivering as he was telling the story and it sounded like he was about to cry. He said he doesn’t remember all of the details but he thought he was going to die. The guy kept calling him names and said that he would kill him like he had done to others. Joey said that the guy admitted that he had done this to other kids and he would do it again. Joey said that the guy raped him once and let him go because he liked him.

Related imageJoey said he thinks the guy let him go because he just let the guy do what he wanted. He said he’s never told anyone this story before in his life. Even his family doesn’t know what happened. He said he tried to forget about the whole experience.Joey said that he also had the burglary thing going on back then and got caught and served time for that. He said that was some dumb stuff he did when he was a kid and he would never do anything like that again. He said he’s never been with another man since that rape. He told Howard that he got arrested for the burglaries and kept doing them even after getting out of jail. He used to wait around the bus terminal and let guys try and pick him up. He would go along with them into the stair well or alley and then he’d put a knife to their throats to rob them. He said he was getting revenge on the guys who were trying to get something off the little kids. Howard said that Joey is kind of like Batman in that way.

joyboots12Joey said that he did that to about 10 or 12 of those guys but that’s the kind of life he had back then. He didn’t give their money to charity, he gave it to drug dealers instead. Joey said that a couple of years after that he was in prison and he saw the guy who raped him. He was actually working there at the prison, not as a guard, but in another fashion. He said that the guy was a drug and alcohol counselor. He said that the guy would tell stories about doing young girls but he was full of crap according to Joey. Howard thinks that Joey should turn the guy in.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he had a similar thing happen to him as a kid. He just got out of rehab as well. Howard said that it’s good that Joey is going into rehab. Joey said that it really doesn’t bother him like it did back then. Robin thinks that it comes out in other ways even if he thinks it doesn’t bother him.

Captain Janks called in and said that he would like to take Joey out to dinner when he gets out of rehab so they can go get smashed. He was kidding and told Joey that he would like him to give him a call if he ever needs anything.

Joey said that when he was robbing people they were calling him the ”Stuff your Pockets burglar” because he would break into homes and just fill his pockets with whatever he could take. Howard told him he’s a brave man for telling that story. He also told him not to listen to all of those people who might say stuff to him after hearing it. Joey said that he’s going to be in rehab for 30 days and he won’t be able to listen to the show for 30 days. He’s not sure if he’ll have any internet access. Artie is pretty sure they won’t allow any outside contact for a while.

Joey mentioned that he created the Booeybombs to get more notoriety on the show, as his appearances and mentions on the show were slowing down.Related image

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Mooski’s Stories !!!

little-mooskimooskifranceWhen I was around 11, I went to the local newsstand to check out the “Dirty mags” one that was only $5.00 caught my eye cause it was cheap .  I took the magazine in my hands, and at that exact moment the jerk owner of the store yelled at me to either buy the magazine or put it back NOW!!!….When he yelled at me, I dropped the magazine and also knocked down a few racks of snacks behind me.  I ran out of the store NEVER TO RETURN!!…. Luckily there was another newsstand a few blocks away that had the same magazine. As I got the magazine and went into my pocket for the $5.00, I got to the register and hastily put the money on the counter and ran out of the store.  I got the magazine and ran home with it, it had the usual naked ladies and at the back of the magazine it had an ad that got my attention. The ad read for $5.00 you can have your own blow up doll. I had to have it. I put the $5.00 bill in the envelope and ran to the post office, to mail it right away. The ad said two to three weeks for deliver, and I waited everyday standing by the mailbox, stood there so long I knew the name of the mailman Bob.  So two weeks later, a envelope arrived in the mail and I pretty much ripped it out of mailman bobs hand and ran up to my room immediately.  Finally here my own blowup doll , I could not wait to see what the $5.00 got me, how she looked and all. I ripped open the envelop  and lo and behold there she was, a picture of a girl on a balloon….It came with a note that said Here is your Blowup Doll…Enjoy……..And that was my first and last time ordering anything from a magazine EVER until that one other time…………


South Park Returns For Their 20th Season (Video)


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South Park returned on Comedy Central for their 20th anniversary season. South Park’s lightning quick production schedule is one of the show’s greatest assets. It allows Trey Parker and Matt Stone to lampoon current events at a rate that simply isn’t possible on any other animated sitcom. This episode cast a very wide net, covering everything from the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem controversy to online trolls to Hollywood’s reboot obsession to the Black Lives Matter movement to, naturally, the current US Presidential Election. It’s great to have South Park back on the air.

comiccon2015Looks like this season will be all about the elections and I hope South Park can be funnier and more topical than the real election. I give this episode two stars and I hope it gets better as the season goes on.