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Remembering Chyna !!!

There comes a time when somebody debuts in WWE or any entertainment outlet, and YOU know they are destined for legendary status, and Chyna was one of them. Chyna AKA known as Joannie Laurer the WWF 9th wonder of the world passed away on April 20th 2016. Chyna made woman’s wrestling cool and this was a time before we even knew what a WWE Diva was. Personal demons caused Chyna’s WWF and WWE career to be shortlived, but she made her mark and will always be remembered. I think Chyna in her heyday would have been a perfect Terminator or any DC or Marvel character. R.I.P Chyna and thank you for the memories, hopefully WWE gives Chyna her dues and puts her in the HOF

…..Here are some of the best of Chyna…..


My Review Of Wrestlemania 31

What a amazing night to be a wrestling superfan on March 29th 2015, the WWE put on their yearly spectacular Wrestlemania 31 which was simply amazing.  The pre-show saw the team of Kidd and Cesaro overcome some of the best tag teams the WWE has to offer to retain their tag team titles, and on the pre-show WE saw the giant The Big Show take his power and size and be victorious in The Andre The Giant Battle Royal, after so many years of being compared to Andre, it was a perfect battle royal the big show could win.

The show started off with the IC ladder match which saw the Yes movement win again, with the amazing Daniel Bryan climbing to the top and taking the title. I really believe there is NOBODY as over as Daniel Bryan right now in WWE!!!  The other matches that were outstanding on the card,  were the Triple H Vs. Sting which saw DX battle the NWO, which I marked out at seeing like it was the Monday Night Wars all over again.  The Undertaker was victorious in his battle with The New Face Of Evil Bray Wyatt, who took The Undertaker to the limit in a very exciting match. Bray Wyatt is one of  the WWE superstars that I can’t wait to see what is next for him, he is simply amazing.  The main event was a true slobberknocker in the great words of good old Jr. Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Regins was simply a throwback to the WWE attitude era, with hard hitting punches and a real good story telling from both athletes.  Brock Lesnar was destroying Roman Reigns, and Roman just keep on fighting back from whatever Brock was throwing at him. This is the match that made Roman Reigns, he needed this match, although he did not win the match helped his character immensely.  Seth Rollins came out and the match became a triple threat match and Seth got the pin of Reigns. The WWE needs a heel champion now and Seth Rollins is a perfect heel.  Big props go out to the WWE for really stepping up with this Wrestlemania, I for one was really not looking forward to this card and I ate my words at the end of the night.  I can’t wait for Wrestlemania 32 in Texas with 100,000+ superfans there…It’s going to be nuts!!!!!! Here are some great pictures from Wrestlemania and some great WWE merchandise you might want to pick up…..