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The Kevin Owens Story DVD Review !

Kevin Owens has one of the fastest selling WWE DVDs/Blu Rays in quite some time and for good reason.

Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story was released on July 4, 2017. In what was a little surprise, both the Blu Ray and DVD editions on Amazon were backordered immediately. Best Buy in Sioux Falls had two left and you bet that I picked one up. I’m sure WWE will be pushing more of them out across the country soon.

For me, this was an immediate purchase. Kevin Owens [Steen] has been one of my favorite wrestlers for about a decade. His work on the independents speaks for itself and the man always deserved to get to the WWE.

But it wasn’t just that simple.

The 50-minute documentary takes a look at his road to the WWE. Everything is covered from his training with Jacques Rougeau in Montreal, his opportunity to get exposure in the U.S. through CZW, and his run with Ring of Honor. His road was never one with the smoothest of paths, and his fellow friends and wrestlers never believed that he would make it to WWE.

His relationship with Sami Zayn (who does admit that he was El Generico…so I guess we can put the whole kayfabe helping orphans in Mexico story behind us) is also detailed out. They talk a bit about the development of the year-long program in ROH between 2009-2010 (seriously if you haven’t seen it you need to). The documentary also includes a story in which Zayn signed his WWE contract in front of Owens. For Zayn, it was a show of accomplishment that they both could celebrate. For Owens, it was the opposite that he wasn’t what the WWE was looking for.

He might have lacked the certain “build” that the WWE looks for, but nobody was ever able to deny his in-ring ability and his ability to cut promos. He is a natural when it comes to connecting with a crowd and that has pushed him to where he is today!

The DVD is a MUST for any Kevin Owens/ Steen fan from WWE to ROH!!!

Here are some of the best matches in the history of Kevin Owens / Steen :





WWE Raw And SmackdownLive Recaps (Videos)

The fallout from The Survivor Series continued on Raw and Smackdown. Both shows were very entertaining this week , and I like that both of them got their brand working good. I’m excited to see where we go from here with the road to Wrestlemania coming soon. Here are the highlights of Raw and SmackdownLive :


WWE Raw Recap 7/11/16 (Videos)

Raw was uneven last night, it felt like two shows in one. The matches were just FEH last night, with not much surprises. The best of the night in my opinion was The Rollins Report, at least it was entertaining with Seth Rollins fake interview with Roman Reigns as they lead into WWE Backlash. The worst of the night had to be The New Day battling The Wyatt Family at The Wyatt Family compound. It was cheaply and poorly done, and did nothing to help both teams. It was WWE’s version of the whole Hardy Boyz “Brother Nero” skit. New Day and The Wyatt Family deserved better.  Next week its Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE title, should be interesting. And next week is the last RAW before the big Draft on Smackdown…….See you all next week in the ring!


WWE News 3/24/16

Heyyyy Nowww all…Welcome to another edition of WWE News here on Superfanworld . Well we are 10 days away from Wrestlemania, and i’m not feeling it this year. I don’t have that sense of excitement this year as I always get with a Wrestlemania, this year i’m like Eh. I think the match i’m looking forward to the most is probably the ladder match for the IC title. I think its awesome that we are getting at least in the same ring Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens at a Wrestlemania.  The other matches on the card are just EH…..Shane Vs. Taker….i’m not sure where the WWE is going with this storyline and HHH vs. Roman Reigns …..I don’t care where the WWE is going with this storyline, cause WWE has constantly thrown Roman Reigns at us, as the next big superstar without the buildup. Message to WWE you can’t force feed wrestlers down our throats anymore……I think Brock Vs. Ambrose will be violent and crazy and hopefully we get some blood. WWE always does a good job at the end of Mania, and I hope they do it this year…Time will tell……

In other WWE news, The New Day will induct The Fabulous Freebirds into the Hall Of Fame and Vader will induct Stan Hansen into the HOF the night before Mania

Rumor has it that Wyatt Family member Luke Harper is on the long injury list with a torn ACL….

Well….that is all the news we have now……We will have more as we get closer and closer to Wrestlemania 32 and here is a preview of Wrestlemania 


The Best Of Kevin Owens And Samoa Joe (Videos)

This is going to be a awesome feud for WWE!!!!! The Future has arrived!!!!



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NEW NXT Champions (Pictures)

Congratulations to Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks on winning The NXT Championship and The NXT Woman’s title !!!!! The future is looking brighter than ever for the WWE. This was a amazing card, and I really look forward to seeing these athletes on the big shows very soon……



NXTTAKEOVER : RIVAL 2/11/15 On WWE Network !!!!!!


The NXT pulls out all the stops on Wednesday night February 11th 2015, with its NXTTAKEOVER : Rival .  There are going to many great matches on the card, but the match that I am most looking forward too is between NXT champion Sami Zayn and his rival Kevin Owens.  I have seen Zayn and Owens battle many times in Ring Of Honor  as El Generico and Kevin Steen, I’ve also seen them as a great tag team. These guys can go the distance, and I think this is going to be a prolonged fued, and I really hope they get a chance to shine at Wrestlemania 31.   YOU can watch it all go down on the WWE NETWORK at 8pm EST.   YOU can order the WWE Network FREE for the month of February, just go to the WWE NETWORK ad on the superfanworld.com site.  Below is a NXTAKEOVER teaser featuring Zayn and Owens and the other is a battle between El Generico and Kevin Steen from Ring Of Honor.  WWE NXT the future is looking bright!!