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The Best Of The Howard Stern Show 2015 (Videos)

Here are highlights of some of THE BEST time on The Howard Stern Show in 2015…..And we have 5 more years of the king!!!!!!!! Happy New Year Superfans!!!!!!!


R.I.P Johnny Fratto


With a sad heart we say goodbye to Johnny Fratto, who has been on The Howard Stern for many years. I met Johnny at the Stern Fan Hollywood party and talked to him many times on the phone and on Facebook, and Johnny was a awesome guy, who loved the fans of the Stern show.  R.I.P Johnny you will not be forgotten……..

Fratto passed away peacefully at 12:06 AM surrounded by family … his wife Ivanka confirmed.  He was 61.

Fratto was the son of famous mob boss Louis Fratto …who was a major shot caller in Chicago, Illinois and Iowa in the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

Besides appearing on Stern, Fratto ran several businesses — including Beverly Hills Choppers.


Eric The Actor On A New Episode Of Brickleberry 4/7/15

The long awaited Brickleberry episode with the one and only Eric The Actor will air on Comedy Central on 4/7/15 at 10:30 PM EST. I can’t wait to see it !!!!!  I so wish Eric would be here to watch and then call The Howard Stern Show to of course complain about it LOL…..



What Makes A WackPacker Most???

Today on The Howard Stern Show they had  a discussion of who really are the wackpackers. I see the wackpack as a group of lovable misfits and miscreants who are entertaining in their natural way of being.  My list of wackpack are as follows : Fred The Elephant Boy , Beetlejuice , High Pitch Erik , Eric The Actor ,Crackhead Bob , Wendy & Gary,  Jeff The Drunk ,Medicated Pete , Ass Napkin Ed , Nicole Bass, Hank the angry drunken dwarf , Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Crazy Alice, Bigfoot 1 and 2 and Jeff The Vomit Guy . I don’t believe that any of the “superfans” fit in the wackpack definition on The Howard Stern Show.  Whoever you think should be part of the wackpack , I want to thank them all for many great years of entertainment and here is to many many more years of wackpack entertainment