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WWE FastLane Predictions !!!!!

The WWE presents its last PPV show tonight before Wrestlemania with the RAW brand WWE Fastlane. This should be a good show, as many matches have the potential to be really good and vital to Wrestlemania. Here we go with the predictions!!!

Samoa Joe Vs. Sami Zayn : Potential to be match of the night as both men have battled each other in ROH. Joe is being shown as the newest WWE monster and Sami will give him a run for his money, as Sami Zayn always does. Winner = Samoa Joe 

The Club Vs. Enzo & Cass : The Club are a good tag team, but I think they have been lackluster as tag team champions. It’s time that Enzo and Big Cass get some gold and then Big Cass could turn on Enzo and be the newest WWE monster of the month . Winner = Enzo & Cass . 

Nia Jax Vs. Sasha Banks : Sasha has been on a losing streak, and I see it continue tonight. Winner = Nia Jax 

Charlotte Vs. Bailey : Bailey will keep her title till Wrestlemania and will probably have some help from Sasha Banks tonight, which will lead to a triple main event or maybe a fatal four way including Nia . Winner = Bailey 

Roman Reigns Vs. Braun Stroman : I’ve become a big fan of Stroman over the last few weeks, as he’s been a good monster of the month in WWE. Many people are predicting The Undertaker will cause Reigns to lose tonight, which sets up Reigns Vs. Undertaker at Mania….Winner = Braun Stroman 

Kevin Owens Vs. Goldberg : I’m looking forward to this match tonight, as I think they have a good feud going, but I see Chris Jericho interfering tonight and costing his former best friend Owens the WWE Universal Title as they need to give Goldberg another title reign, and set up Goldberg Vs. Lesnar for the Universal Title at Mania. Winner = NEW Universal Champion GOLDBERG!!!

Well there you have the predictions for tonight’s card at Fastlane. We will be back tomorrow for our WWE Fastlane Recap. Here are some new WWE Merchandise from Amazon : 


WWE Fastlane Thoughts And Recap


Well WWE and Roman Reigns are on their way on the road to Wrestlemania.  Roman Reigns pinned Dean Ambrose in the main event of Fastlane, and now gets a shot a WWE champion HHH at Wrestlemania in April.  The WWE is trying everything in their power to get Reigns over, and like last year it seems forced. You can’t just make a person a star, and have the fans go toward them anymore, you have to build up the character a bit, like the way WWE built up Daniel Bryan. I will be watching Mania as usual, as WWE always does a good job on the biggest stage in the world and with over 100,000 fans watching LIVE in Dallas.  Hopefully, WWE can build up the HHH vs. Reigns match a bit more before we go to Mania, time will tell.

In other WWE news, rumors are hot that CM Punk will make his return to WWE in the near future. John Cena Tweeted a picture of Paul Newman which is the same picture that CM Punk uses as his picture on Twitter. Also WWE just included Punk in its legends category. Is WWE and CM Punk working on something together??? Will Punk come back at Mania and will he wrestle or just tease us….WWE likes to put out swerves like these that keeps the superfans guessing…..Only time will tell when or if we see CM Punk back inside a WWE ring.

One last word is on The Wyatt Family , and the WWE always burying them when they are in a feud.  The Wyatts have really never won a match, from a feud and its getting tiring. The Wyatts are great characters and the WWE should have them win at least a few times, to keep the fans interest in them. If they keep jobbing to pretty much everybody on the roster, the fans are going to not care about The Wyatts anymore. Dumb move WWE, but hopefully WWE Raw will be good tomorrow night and WE will have a RAW recap right here on Superfanworld.com .



WWE Fastlane Preview And Predictions (Video)

On Sunday February 21st The WWE presents its latest Pay Per View Special : Fastlane with the main event a triple threat match featuring Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar Vs. Dean Ambrose, and the winner of the match gets to face Triple H at Wrestlemania for the heavyweight title.  For awhile I was going with Roman Reigns, and it was his time to get the title back at Mania, now my opinion on the event has changed. It looks more and more like it that Dean Ambrose is going to win at Fastlane , as he lost his Intercontinental championship last week on Raw.  It looks like the WWE is indeed giving Dean the push he deserves.  I believe so how and so way Dean will walk out of Fastlane with the win over Reigns and Lesnar and go on to hopefully beat Triple H at Wrestlemania in April. Here is a preview of Fastlane and we will have the results of Fastlane here with my thoughts on the event right here Monday morning.