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What Makes A WackPacker Most???

Today on The Howard Stern Show they had  a discussion of who really are the wackpackers. I see the wackpack as a group of lovable misfits and miscreants who are entertaining in their natural way of being.  My list of wackpack are as follows : Fred The Elephant Boy , Beetlejuice , High Pitch Erik , Eric The Actor ,Crackhead Bob , Wendy & Gary,  Jeff The Drunk ,Medicated Pete , Ass Napkin Ed , Nicole Bass, Hank the angry drunken dwarf , Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Crazy Alice, Bigfoot 1 and 2 and Jeff The Vomit Guy . I don’t believe that any of the “superfans” fit in the wackpack definition on The Howard Stern Show.  Whoever you think should be part of the wackpack , I want to thank them all for many great years of entertainment and here is to many many more years of wackpack entertainment 




Ronnie The Limo Driver At Rick’s Cabaret Superbowl Weekend (Pictures)

The awesome Ronnie The Limo Driver Mund was at Rick’s Cabaret in NYC on Superbowl weekend. Ronnie was there to give out a pair of tickets to The Super Bowl to a lucky fan  and party with the guys and girls.  Here are some pictures from Rick’s :