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My Review Of The Periscope Community Summit In NYC (Pictures)

What a amazing time at The first Periscope Community Summit in NYC this past week.  Scopers from around the world converged on NYC to share, scope and have a great time  The event put together by the amazing Ryan A Bell and Cathy Hackyl had a little bit of everything Periscope is all about. From comedians to entrepreneurs. The summit started with the amazing Grant Cardone and was a giant meet up of friends. I learned , I laughed and I totally enjoyed myself at the summit. The next Summit is in San Francisco in January , and i am considering going to that. Here are some pictures of the amazing summit : 








The Best Of Grant Cardone (Videos)


As we continue this week to showcase some of THE best people scoping on Periscope, we come to the godfather of sales Mr. Grant Cardone.  I’ve watched many motivational / business speakers in my lifetime , but listening to Grant’s NO B.S. policy is awesome. His scopes are awesome as he always tells it like it is , and shows how you can 10 x your life in every way possible. To learn more about Grant Cardone , check out Grantcardone.com


Superfanworld is NOW on Periscope And Meerkat!!!!!


There has been tons of buzz in the entertainment and technology news about two pretty new apps that take streaming video to the next level.  Meerkat and Periscope  are social networks with VIDEO and they are both addicting!!! The streams on both platforms are fun to watch and are totally interactive. Superfanworld.com has joined both and we have already streamed video on both and will be doing a lot more. Both applications support Ios and Android platforms.   We have a lot of good ideas on what kind of videos we will be streaming LIVE to the superfans!!!! Just follow @Superfanworld on both apps!!!! Here are the links to download both :