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The State Of The WWE !!!

Monday’s Raw made me write this article, it was a lazy sluggish WWE product one of the worst I ever seen. Yes they were against a huge political debate and Monday Night Football, but WWE didn’t even try to hold our attention. I’ve been giving the WWE some time to get their stuff together after the brand split, but enough is enough. I do like that they have Kevin Owens and AJ Styles as  their champions, that is one of the bright spots in WWE today. But the squash matches with of all people Bo Dallas…….Ummmm Come on…Send him to Smackdown and have him as a tag partner of his bro Bray. It’s just too much and I know they have a huge roster , but find something interesting for them. I think WWE needs to get writers who are wrestling fans instead of just know how to write for TV and Hollywood. We had the attitude era and the golden age of wrestling, cause it was being written by real wrestling fans. These new writers wouldn’t know between Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango. I’m still giving WWE a chance , and I know they will eventually hopefully get it all right. Maybe around the time of the Royal Rumble or Mania we will see where all of this is  going. But until then we have to watch the slop the WWE calls entertainment. Come on Vince, HHH, Stephanie I know you can do it….Bring back the fun of wrestling for the fans…….Thanks for reading this and see you all back in the ring..


Wrestlemania 32 Predictions !!!!!!

Heyyy all well its that time again….Time to try to figure out where the WWE is going with Wrestlemania. What a night with NXT last night, it was epic two and a half hours that flew by super fast . Every match but the Austin Aries match was awesome, the Aries match wasn’t that interesting, but Aries is a great performer he  just needs a little bit of WWE style…Well lets get to the Mania predictions : 

Andre The Giant battle royal : I think Kane might take this one as they have been hyping him up and it would be a good send off as he’s got to be close to retiring soon. If not Kane, then I see John Cena coming back and winning the battle royal or Cesaro. Time will tell…..

IC title ladder match : I think after last night’s NXT performance , the WWE has to give it too Sami Zayn. Zayn is a master storyteller in the ring and with a Zayn win we are guaranteed a few Zayn/Owens rematches!!!!!!

Dean Ambrose Vs. Brock Lesnar :  Ambrose needs this win as he will be pretty much buried in mid card status without it. Lesnar could lose and still always be the monster.  I’m going Ambrose!

Shane Vs. Undertaker : Not sure where the WWE is going with this, and I never can trust ANY Mcmahons. So I think a Shane Heel turn is coming or some kind of interference in the match will happen with either Cena or Sting that sets up a Mania match next year with Taker. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

HHH/Roman Reigns : We are destined for a Roman Empire whether we like it or not. Reigns will win the title and keep it a few months until Rollins is back 100% healthy. 

Well there, you go that is my predictions on Wrestlemania 32. I so love Wrestlemania weekend its like a long holiday weekend. I didn’t include every match on the card, but these are the ones I am looking forward the most. Everybody enjoy the show, and WE will be back following Mania with our thoughts of the Grandaddy of them all !!!!!!!!


The Road To Wrestlemania !!!! Pt. 1

WE are on the road to Wrestlemania as WE only have a few days left till the biggest show on the grandest stage of them all.  The WWE had their final Raw show on Monday night, I liked the show, but I think it was done backwards….They should have ended it with The Undertaker and Shane Mcmahon and begin in with the HHH/Roman Reigns stuff. I think the Shane/Undertaker stuff was great, but the WWE pretty much shot its load with that at the beginning of the show, and anything else that followed it wasn’t as good……..WE will have my predictions of Wrestlemania on Saturday right here on Superfanworld . Here is Shane/Taker in the ring on Raw :


WWE News 3/24/16

Heyyyy Nowww all…Welcome to another edition of WWE News here on Superfanworld . Well we are 10 days away from Wrestlemania, and i’m not feeling it this year. I don’t have that sense of excitement this year as I always get with a Wrestlemania, this year i’m like Eh. I think the match i’m looking forward to the most is probably the ladder match for the IC title. I think its awesome that we are getting at least in the same ring Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens at a Wrestlemania.  The other matches on the card are just EH…..Shane Vs. Taker….i’m not sure where the WWE is going with this storyline and HHH vs. Roman Reigns …..I don’t care where the WWE is going with this storyline, cause WWE has constantly thrown Roman Reigns at us, as the next big superstar without the buildup. Message to WWE you can’t force feed wrestlers down our throats anymore……I think Brock Vs. Ambrose will be violent and crazy and hopefully we get some blood. WWE always does a good job at the end of Mania, and I hope they do it this year…Time will tell……

In other WWE news, The New Day will induct The Fabulous Freebirds into the Hall Of Fame and Vader will induct Stan Hansen into the HOF the night before Mania

Rumor has it that Wyatt Family member Luke Harper is on the long injury list with a torn ACL….

Well….that is all the news we have now……We will have more as we get closer and closer to Wrestlemania 32 and here is a preview of Wrestlemania 


WWE Raw Recap 3/7/16


Shane o mac returned to Raw again and took out some security, his dad Vince had come out and take Shane out of his ring. Shane still has his moves, and the match with The Undertaker is going to be intense, I don’t know how the WWE is going to finish this story at Mania. One time I see The Undertaker win then sometimes I think Shane might win and we get the WWE attitude Era 2.0 back on Raw….Time will Tell……

Sami Zayn attacked Kevin Owens tonight, and hopefully this leads to a one on one match at Wrestlemania between the two. If WWE has them fight, this might be the match of the night at Mania……

Y2AJ exploded tonight with Jericho attacking AJ Styles. Jericho is a great heal and this should be good…..This will be a great mania match, but I see AJ winning as Jericho usually loses at Mania and then leaves. He’s great at getting guys over, and i’m sure he will bring AJ to the next level.

The Big Boss Man was the next name to be inducted into the WWE HOF…..Been a long time coming, as The Big Boss Man was a great legend.  Wish he was alive to see it though…….Hopefully he is smiling from up above.

The main event was Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt……It was just ok, the crowd really wasn’t into it that much and was pretty quiet in it. WWE pushes Wyatt and all and then he loses  Ambrose was attacked by the Wyatt family at the end. HHH then came out and teased a fight with Bray Wyatt, who I would love to see against The Game, but at the end Ambrose knocked HHH out , which means HHH walks out of Roadblock the champion. Not a bad Raw, but just Eh, hopefully as the weeks dwindle down for Wrestlemania, Raw gets better.  See you next week!!!



WWE Fastlane Thoughts And Recap


Well WWE and Roman Reigns are on their way on the road to Wrestlemania.  Roman Reigns pinned Dean Ambrose in the main event of Fastlane, and now gets a shot a WWE champion HHH at Wrestlemania in April.  The WWE is trying everything in their power to get Reigns over, and like last year it seems forced. You can’t just make a person a star, and have the fans go toward them anymore, you have to build up the character a bit, like the way WWE built up Daniel Bryan. I will be watching Mania as usual, as WWE always does a good job on the biggest stage in the world and with over 100,000 fans watching LIVE in Dallas.  Hopefully, WWE can build up the HHH vs. Reigns match a bit more before we go to Mania, time will tell.

In other WWE news, rumors are hot that CM Punk will make his return to WWE in the near future. John Cena Tweeted a picture of Paul Newman which is the same picture that CM Punk uses as his picture on Twitter. Also WWE just included Punk in its legends category. Is WWE and CM Punk working on something together??? Will Punk come back at Mania and will he wrestle or just tease us….WWE likes to put out swerves like these that keeps the superfans guessing…..Only time will tell when or if we see CM Punk back inside a WWE ring.

One last word is on The Wyatt Family , and the WWE always burying them when they are in a feud.  The Wyatts have really never won a match, from a feud and its getting tiring. The Wyatts are great characters and the WWE should have them win at least a few times, to keep the fans interest in them. If they keep jobbing to pretty much everybody on the roster, the fans are going to not care about The Wyatts anymore. Dumb move WWE, but hopefully WWE Raw will be good tomorrow night and WE will have a RAW recap right here on Superfanworld.com .



Royal Rumble Predictions!!!!!!

royalrumbleThe road to Wrestlemania begins Sunday night January 24th with the WWE annual Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble has always been one of my favorite WWE pay per views over the years, cause you never know who might show up and at what number.  This year’s Royal Rumble has the defending champion Roman Reigns defending against 29 other superstars in the Rumble. Reigns has the lucky number 1 and has to outlast 29 other superstars to retain his belt.  Truthfully, I don’t know where the WWE is going with this, they have Brock Lesnar in the Rumble, they have the Wyatt family in the rumble those are getting the bigger pushes in the Rumble in the recent weeks on WWE Raw.  Will Roman keep the title ???? Will the beast take back his title and turn the Royal Rumble into Suplex City?? Only time will tell……Make sure you watch it Sunday night January 24th on the WWE Network.