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A Brief History of DC COMICS and Their Many Names! |

one of the big two comic book publishers, DC Comics has around 80 years of history behind it. Today, instead of taking a look at the origins and history of the superheroes they’ve created like Batman and Superman, we’re going to look at all the behind the scenes goings on at the comic company, and why they named their business after Detective Comics!


Mooski’s Stories !!!

little-mooskimooskifranceWhen I was around 11, I went to the local newsstand to check out the “Dirty mags” one that was only $5.00 caught my eye cause it was cheap .  I took the magazine in my hands, and at that exact moment the jerk owner of the store yelled at me to either buy the magazine or put it back NOW!!!….When he yelled at me, I dropped the magazine and also knocked down a few racks of snacks behind me.  I ran out of the store NEVER TO RETURN!!…. Luckily there was another newsstand a few blocks away that had the same magazine. As I got the magazine and went into my pocket for the $5.00, I got to the register and hastily put the money on the counter and ran out of the store.  I got the magazine and ran home with it, it had the usual naked ladies and at the back of the magazine it had an ad that got my attention. The ad read for $5.00 you can have your own blow up doll. I had to have it. I put the $5.00 bill in the envelope and ran to the post office, to mail it right away. The ad said two to three weeks for deliver, and I waited everyday standing by the mailbox, stood there so long I knew the name of the mailman Bob.  So two weeks later, a envelope arrived in the mail and I pretty much ripped it out of mailman bobs hand and ran up to my room immediately.  Finally here my own blowup doll , I could not wait to see what the $5.00 got me, how she looked and all. I ripped open the envelop  and lo and behold there she was, a picture of a girl on a balloon….It came with a note that said Here is your Blowup Doll…Enjoy……..And that was my first and last time ordering anything from a magazine EVER until that one other time…………