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New Friday The 13th : The Game Trailer And More (Video)

Co-creator Ronnie Hobbs, executive producer Randy Greenback and junior producer/community lead Ben Strauss talk about updates to Friday the 13th: The Game, including console certification, new kills, reveal new Jason models and discuss the creative process of designing an entirely new Jason Voorhees from the mind of legendary practical effects legend Tom Savin


The Best Of Friday The 13th And Jason Vorhees (Videos)

I think its time to bring back Jason for 2016, in not a remake but a continuation of the Jason saga. We need Jason in the world of selfies and social media of 2016!!! Here are some videos that highlight the maniac we call Jason.  I remember seeing the first Friday The 13th in 1980 with a neighborhood friend, and it was the perfect “summer” movie where you just went to the movies to get out of the heat and for some good soda and popcorn. Good times and good memories…..


The Best Of The Following (Videos)


thefollowingTonight on FOX is the series finale of The Following starring Kevin Bacon, after a three season run.  Here are some of THE BEST scenes from the series. Tomorrow, I will have a tribute to The Following here on Superfanworld.com . 




Jersey Shore Massacre Premiere (Pictures And Review )


On August 19th 2014, I was invited to the premiere of the new horror comedy movie “Jersey Shore Massacre” which is produced by Jersey Shore’s own JWOWW , and starring from the Howard Stern Show : Sal Governale , Richard Christy and the one and only Bigfoot.  The movie itself , is a total throwback to the 80’s  slasher fuck – n – die movies .  Jersey Shore Massacre has comedy and  horror and it has enough gore to keep you entertained. It is definately worth while to check out on DVD, and YOU can order it in our Amazon.com section of Superfanworld.com .  If you want a fun summer no brainer movie, that goes great with popcorn and beer, Jersey Shore Massacre is that movie.  Here are more pictures from the night featuring Bigfoot and Ron Jeremy and Sal Governale :