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The Journey Of Donald Trump !!!!!!


mooskitrumpWhen I met Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City in November of 2015, he was then just candidate Trump. He was still battling in the field of many Republicans.  After waiting about three and a half hours on line , I finally got into Trump Tower and met with Donald Trump. Trump greeted me as he greeted everybody, and I told him Hello Mr. President which got a great smile from Trump.  I told him I loved his appearances on The Howard Stern Show and he asked me if Howard was talking about him and was Howard talking nice about him. I told him of course Howard is talking about you there is nobody out there to talk about bigger than you, which Trump loved and said Yes, Yes.. Then I got my picture taken with Trump and I was on my way, but Trump was just setting out on a journey. 

Many pundits believed that Donald Trump never had a chance in the election, they wanted him to fail.  As I heard his words and saw his rallies getting bigger and bigger, I was sure that Trump was going to win it all. He heard the words of the voiceless for so many years forgotten by the politicians. Politicians only come out every four years and say vote for me, and then disappear for the next four years. Trump was different, he had no ideology to follow, he was his own person and nobody could buy him out like other politicians who have gotten rich by being politicians. 

I am still kind of in shock that today we are witnessing Donald Trump being sworn in as President Of The United States. This was America’s strike against the elite and the career politicians with their empty promises every four years. 

January 20th 2017 this is our NEW independence day, and I have a feeling that this is going to be a great four or even eight years of the one and only President Donald J. Trump. 


Trump/Clinton Debate Parodies (Videos)


Tonight is the night for the match up of the year when Donald Trump finally squares off with Hillary Clinton in their first debate of the year LIVE at Hostra University . This debate is like the Super Bowl as they expect over 110 million people to tune in and all the networks are covering it. I think the outcome will surprise a lot of people as they will see Donald Trump acting presidential and hopefully Trump shows the world Hillary Clinton for the fraud she is.  It’s all going down 9pm EST tonight!!….Here are some of THE BEST parodies of the Trump/Clinton Debate….Enjoy…


Meeting Donald Trump (Picture)


I went to the Donald Trump book signing yesterday at Trump Tower in NYC . Donald Trump was out promoting his new book Crippled America : How To Make America Great Again.  I waited on line for about 4 hours or so, arriving at 8:30 a.m. and getting into Trump Tower at around 1:05 p.m. It was a fun experience, with all the Trump supporters out and about.  I told Donald that I love him on The Howard Stern Show , as I always try to drop the Stern name wherever I go , Donald replied back to me saying he loves doing the show. Donald then started asking me questions about Howard and if Howard has mentioned him running for President and has Howard talked about the other candidates running for President. I said Howard has talked about you , and no there are no other candidates worthy of talking about, which got Donald Trump to smile. Love him or hate him , Donald Trump is talking about the problems America is facing in real terms. I wish more of the candidates were more shoot from the hip like Donald Trump. It is going to be a very interesting 2016………..