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The Countdown To Mayweather Vs. McGregor Is On !!!!

The countdown to the most hyped up boxing/mma matches in history is on. Only a few more hours away and Conor McGregor takes on Floyd Mayweather live in Las Vegas.  Experts are saying that this might be the most expensive fight EVER.  Mayweather might walk out of the fight with two hundred million dollars and McGregor with one hundred million dollars.  

What do I think is going to happen tonight??? I think its McGregors time , as he’s the more hungry of the two.  Not taking anything away from Mayweather, the man can go . Time will tell what happens tonight. 

Here are some Merch : 


Meeting Donald Trump (Picture)


I went to the Donald Trump book signing yesterday at Trump Tower in NYC . Donald Trump was out promoting his new book Crippled America : How To Make America Great Again.  I waited on line for about 4 hours or so, arriving at 8:30 a.m. and getting into Trump Tower at around 1:05 p.m. It was a fun experience, with all the Trump supporters out and about.  I told Donald that I love him on The Howard Stern Show , as I always try to drop the Stern name wherever I go , Donald replied back to me saying he loves doing the show. Donald then started asking me questions about Howard and if Howard has mentioned him running for President and has Howard talked about the other candidates running for President. I said Howard has talked about you , and no there are no other candidates worthy of talking about, which got Donald Trump to smile. Love him or hate him , Donald Trump is talking about the problems America is facing in real terms. I wish more of the candidates were more shoot from the hip like Donald Trump. It is going to be a very interesting 2016………..