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Remembering Muhammad Ali !

Legend is a word that is thrown around a lot and often misused on some individuals, not Muhammad Ali. Ali transformed the world of boxing and entertainment forever. Ali passed away early today at age of 74. I was still quite young when Ali fought, but I enjoyed his cockiness and bravado in the ring and his interviews. He made you watch it, he got you pumped up and excited.  So, many of the new fighters and entertainers should just watch Ali interviews to learn how to be exciting. Mayweather just flaunts his wealth around with his money stuff, its boring and looks fake. The world of boxing unfortunately is almost a dead sport, with no real breakout stars and also the rise of MMA and Professional Wrestling.  If boxing had a star like Ali, now it could rise again .  Ali was controversial and spoke his mind, and I wonder if a Ali today with our out of control political correctness would have survived.  That is why is was so sad, to see Ali in his later years his body ravaged by Parkinson’s disease. You knew Ali had so much more to say and do , but his body wouldn’t let him.  We need a Ali now to speak his mind whether you like it or not . Ali’s memory will live for ever as he truly was The Greatest Of All Time. Thank you for the memories champ and say hello to all the greats like Joe Louis and Joe Frazier. I’m sure they are having the ultimate battle in heaven right now. Here are some of the greatest clips of Ali : 


R.I.P B.B. King (Pictures And Videos)

bbking1bbkingLegendary blues man B.B. King passed away at the age of 89. B.B. King was a amazing guitarist with his guitar Lucille. There will never be another one like B.B. King.  At least we will have the B.B. King Blues Clubs all around the nation to keep the legend alive. R.I.P B.B. and thank you for the great memories and songs.  Here are some classic videos and some classic B.B. King Merchandise. 


Come Celebrate A End Of A Era In NYC : Howard Stern’s Last Appearance On The Late Show With David Letterman May 11th 2015 (Pictures And Videos)


howardlettermanThere will be a end of a era celebration in NYC and the Stern Superfans will be there on May 11th . May 11th is the last appearance of Howard Stern on The Late Show With David Letterman. Letterman who announced he is retiring on May 20th has had Howard on so many times since 1984. Come out in NYC on May 11th and let’s all cheer on Howard and Dave. Meet us around 1pm on the side of The Ed Sullivan Theater on 54th street and Broadway. There is nothing like hanging with the Stern Superfans as we cheer Howard on!!! Hope to see you all there !!  Here are some videos of Howard and David Letterman :