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Howard Stern Arrives At The Late Show With David Letterman In NYC 5/11/15 (Video)

All hail the KING!! This is from The Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC!!!! A great episode of The Late Show With David Letterman with guests Howard Stern and Don Rickles . 


New Bill Cosby Pudding Ad (Picture)

From the awesome mind of Mooski Sidekick : 



Here’s a delightful treat someone once made for an office Christmas party:

A gelatin mold should be made with Knox Unflavored Gelatin and red food coloring. One would think that a flavorless food would not be at all difficult to swallow, but believe me, from the looks of people who inserted cold masses of gelatinous glop into a mouth that was expecting sweets, the experience is unexplainably horrifying! Some claimed to be nauseated by the feel of it; others politely swallowed.


WTF!!!!!!!! Facebook


A few days ago , Facebook decided to shut down WTF Magazine Facebook page without a word of warning or anything.  WTF Magazine was a super popular page of memes and popular videos on Facebook for the last 4 years and had 2.1 million +  fans and was founded by Jason Fyk WTF magazine’s CEO and Founder.  Nothing was said to anybody on the reason Facebook decided to shut down the page, they always played by the rules of Facebook and still got shut down. WTF Magazine had a huge reach and was ranked number 5 in all pages on Facebook, and still Facebook decided to shut it down.  WTF Magazine is a multi-million dollar social media based entertainment company which employed dozens of people , who are being helped out by Jason Fyk until WTF Magazine can rebuild. It is really scary that we are all at the mercy of the almighty Facebook. At any drop of a hat or if a Facebook moderator has a bad day , all of our work on Facebook could disappear fast and that is scary. I’m sure WTF  Magazine will rebuild , and be better than ever , but Facebook should have a way where at least the page admins are told why their page was taken down. Get it together Facebook and good luck WTF Magazine in rebuilding, we are behind you one million percent , if there is anybody and any company that can get out of this and rebuild bigger and better it’s Jason Fyk and WTF Magazine  . Here is the link to the new WTF Magazine page and their website : 




Jersey Shore Massacre Premiere (Pictures And Review )


On August 19th 2014, I was invited to the premiere of the new horror comedy movie “Jersey Shore Massacre” which is produced by Jersey Shore’s own JWOWW , and starring from the Howard Stern Show : Sal Governale , Richard Christy and the one and only Bigfoot.  The movie itself , is a total throwback to the 80’s  slasher fuck – n – die movies .  Jersey Shore Massacre has comedy and  horror and it has enough gore to keep you entertained. It is definately worth while to check out on DVD, and YOU can order it in our Amazon.com section of Superfanworld.com .  If you want a fun summer no brainer movie, that goes great with popcorn and beer, Jersey Shore Massacre is that movie.  Here are more pictures from the night featuring Bigfoot and Ron Jeremy and Sal Governale : 



Mooski At The Hammerstern Ballroom (Video)

Outside the Hammerstern ballroom, the site of the Howard Stern Birthday bash in NYC on Jan 31st. Superfanworld.com will have tons of videos, blogs and more from the days leading up to the event and at the event itself … This will be YOUR place for everything birthday bash!!! Superfans 4 Life!!!