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Artie Lange Rips Into Howard Stern (Video)

Aired on the Bernie and Sid Show 03/23/2017, following Artie Lange’s recent drug related arrest in Hoboken this week, Artie is asked once more for his opinions on her former boss Howard Stern and once again laid into his new management style.


New Artie Lange Podcast For 2015

The baby gorilla Artie Lange is back on the radio, with his own podcast which began on 1/5/15. Artie is charging $6.95 per month to listen and promises 4 shows a week and some specials. It’s going to be fun to see who Artie has on every night and if he is going to have anybody on from The Howard Stern Show. I will be listening to Artie, and I recommend all superfans to check it out. Good luck Artie!!!!! Here is the link to listen to the show and subscribe : 





Team Artie !!!!!!!



With all thejoe-fae drama that faced Artie Lange on Twitter regarding the controversial tweets Artie posted about Cari Champion of ESPN  and the slave remarks, I believe Artie was really working on a new set of jokes for the comedy circuit. Artie used the world of social media for his comedy bit but it crashed and burned badly.  The jokes would have worked great in a comedy club environment but with the social media world you will get people who don’t understand his comedy.  I have been a fan of Artie , for many years and I know he is not a racist. It was stupid jokes, but Artie is not a racist.  WE at Superfanworld.com are behind Artie……


Stern Superfans Hall Of Fame 2014 (Picture)

From the mind of the amazing Seven  featuring THE BEST  group on the internet today Stern Facebook Superfans . This is what Superfanworld.com is all about. 

28th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show