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Saturday Morning Cartoons Of The 90’s !! (Videos)

In the 90’s Saturday morning cartoons were heading for the sunset, as they world started watching Nickelodeon started big and The Cartoon Network, took many viewers away from the regular Saturday Morning Cartoons….The 90’s were the last years of the regular Saturday Morning cartoons….The world was changing, and the cartoons and the networks were changing along side……


The Best Of America’s Got Talent Season 12 (Videos)

As the live shows start soon for America’s Got Talent, here are some of the best performers so far. Who will win ?? This season is one of the best seasons so far…..

The singing Trump is hysterical and fun to watch..I’m glad he’s going to the live show and making AGT Great Again!!!

Puddle’s Pity Party has such a amazing voice, and its just so different…Even if he doesn’t win he’s going places…..

9 year Angelica Hale….WOW!!!!!

The Masqueraders : Classic group, they won’t win but they are entertaining.


WWE Superstar John Cena Hosts SNL 12/10/16 (Videos)

WWE Superstar John Cena who is trying his best to break out from the wrestling world will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 10th 2016. This is John Cena’s first time hosting the show and it should be interesting on what SNL does with him. Here are some previews of things to come……


“Golden Girls” Action Figures Unveiled At New York Comic Con !


Finally, fans of ‘80s sitcom “The Golden Girls” can live out their own adventures with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia at home, thanks to a new, limited edition set of action figures.

goldengirlsToy company Funko announced its list of 2016 New York Comic-Con exclusives on Thursday, and at the bottom of the list — below entries for more Comic-Con-friendly titles like “The Walking Dead,” “Suicide Squad” and “Star Wars” — was mention of a set of “Golden Girls” action figures.

The set, done in vintage action figure style by Funko ReAction line, features all four of the show’s main characters, played by Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty.

The set of figures sells for $24.99, and fans who can’t make it to New York this weekend will be able to order them from Target, with orders expected to ship starting October 10.  The Golden Girls Action Figures sold out within a hour on Friday And Saturday at New York Comic Con. The Golden Girls proving they are still going strong!!!!


Trump/Clinton Debate Parodies (Videos)


Tonight is the night for the match up of the year when Donald Trump finally squares off with Hillary Clinton in their first debate of the year LIVE at Hostra University . This debate is like the Super Bowl as they expect over 110 million people to tune in and all the networks are covering it. I think the outcome will surprise a lot of people as they will see Donald Trump acting presidential and hopefully Trump shows the world Hillary Clinton for the fraud she is.  It’s all going down 9pm EST tonight!!….Here are some of THE BEST parodies of the Trump/Clinton Debate….Enjoy…


Beam Me Up Langdon (Video)



Langdon Bosarge the star of Langdon Nation is trying to get the attention of the producers of Star Trek, to cast him in their next Star Trek show Discovery .  I think Langdon would be a perfect fit on the Enterprise . Here is Langdon’s audition video for the Star Trek Movie……Beam Me Up Langdon……Good luck from Superfanworld.com 


America’s Got Talent Returns !!!!


America’s Got Talent returns to TV tonight on NBC with new judge Simon Cowell, who replaces Howard Stern.  Cowell formerly of Britain’s Got Talent , X-Factor and of course American Idol, makes his return to American TV. It should be interesting and always fun to see Cowell and his judging antics on the show. AGT is always a fun show to watch during the summer, as I have been watching it since the way beginning. Let the judging begin…Here are some clips from the upcoming season : 


What Happened To SNL !!!!

  By Superfan Andrew Levine :   Untitled-3


Over 40 years….if a show has been on for over 40 years it has to be great right? Some may think so, others don’t.

Let me start off by saying this is my opinion. You may feel different and that’s fine. We all have our opinions and different tastes when it comes to everything in life.

My very first SNL that I watched was back in the early 90s. Michael Jordan was the host. It was the season premiere. I thought it was a great show. Granted I was in my early teenage years and I didn’t understand every sketch, but I knew funny when I saw it. I was hooked. I loved most of the cast. Back then the cast consisted of Dana Carvey, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Mike Myers Chris Rock and more. It was called the stand up comedian era of SNL. There were some people on the cast list that weren’t funny as well but for the most part we knew the formula…the first hour was great, the last half hour….not so much. But in general, it made me wish I had started watching it sooner. Thankfully, today we live in a world where we have thr SNL app where we can just watch almost every sketch from season 1-today but back then the only shot I had was hopefully catching an old re run.

The next couple of years were filled with laughs until and like I said, this is my opinion, but things changed. Most of that cast left….a new group of the not ready for prime time players joined the cast, and it just wasn’t funny anymore. Adam Sandler was gone, so was Chris Farley. Phil Hartman, who in my opinion, was one of the greatest talents to come out of SNL (R.I.P.) had moved on to news radio. We got guys like Jimmy Fallon, Will Farrell, Chris Kattan and Cheriton O’Teri. The only sketch I found funny was of course Celebrity Jeopardy and it wasn’t because of Willis awesome impression of Alex Trebek…it was everyone else, especially Daryll Hammond doing Sean Connery. The recurring sketches of Mr. Peepers, the Spartan cheerleaders, the lady that’s on almost every drug imagined, just weren’t funny to me. As the weeks went by, I was barely laughing and in fact, getting more frustrated. It came to the point that when 11:30pm came on a Saturday, I let it go and NBC wasn’t my dial of choice. I just stopped watching altogether…..for years.

I started watching again a few years ago and what I came back to, I didn’t like. In my opinion, the show is just as unfunny now as it was when I left it. There are some cast members that can be funny, but the writers have no idea how to write a funny sketch. A lot of the cast members do write their own material for the show, but from what I’ve read from previous cast members, if you can’t write, then you have to really suck up to the writers in order for you to have a sketch where you’re not just in the background.

How is this show still on the air? You have guys like Kenan Thompson that hasn’t gotten a laugh from me in the 142 years he’s been on the show. You have talented people like Jay Pharoah, Kate McKinnon and Bobby Moynihan but the writers have no idea how to cater to their strengths. Instead, the writers feel that making weird faces is the key to getting a laugh.

One of the key sketches since the beginning of SNL has always been weekend update. What makes Weekend Update are the anchors…and here’s another point where it went south lately. As much as I can’t stand Chevy Chase, he put SNL on the map and that includes Weekend Update…fast forward to the 80s and 90s with guys like Dennis Miller, Kevin Nealon and Norm…they all used a little but of themselves and their comedy act to make it funny…even Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey had chemistry to make it entertaining. Then we get Seth Meyers…yes, he has his own late night show, but honestly, I thinks it’s just as funny as his weekend update sketch. ..which is to say, not funny at all. There have been plenty of shows I’ve seen where he barely got a laugh from the audience…even when he would just stare an extra second to try and get a laugh. It just wasn’t funny. Now we have Colin Jose and Michael Che. …now I like Che, but I’m not that big of a fan of Colin, but I have to give him some credit because they’re starting to catch their groove together. They seem more comfortable together now than they did last year.

The bottom line is that in my opinion, SNL hasn’t been funny on a regular basis in over 15 years. You might disagree, or you might agree. Either way, it’s your opinion just like this article is strictly mine. SNL needs an overhaul with hiring new writers and hiring an almost entirely new cast. It’ll never happen, but SNL was funny consistently at 1 time..I think it can be again, if they make some big changes.