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Apocalypse Now : The Game (Videos)

The largely awaited and largely troubled Apocalypse Now : The Game is still in the planning stages and they are still trying to raise enough money for it to be made. This is the write up for the game :  

Apocalypse Now is going to be a video game.

You are an assassin. You’ve been given the most dangerous, most secret and most controversial special forces mission in U.S. History.

But this game is not Call of Duty: Vietnam. You will sneak. You will hide. You will gather resources. You will build your character. You will kill when necessary.

To maintain creative freedom and produce a daring and intense game about the horrors of war, the project is being financed outside the traditional system. We want your support, please back this game

To follow the game’s creation click here :  ApocalypseNowGame


Tina Fey: The Oscars had too much ‘yelling’ about causes

Tina Fey felt the Academy Awards focused too much on the issues this year.

“Being at the Oscars… halfway through I was like this is some real Hollywood bulls–t,” she dished to Howard Stern. “Everyone’s telling me like what to do and it was like, people are yelling at me about rape and corporate greed, but really it’s climate change, and I was like ‘Guys, pick a lane. Hey everyone, we’re going to fix everything tonight. And also, you’re all rich. Why are you yelling at me about corporate greed? You’re all so rich.’”

Sunday’s Oscars turned out to be a platform not just for racial representation in the movies, led by host Chris Rock’s incisive insight and parody, but a wide array of causes, from global warming and bank reform to sexual abuse in church and on campus.

At the end of the night, Leonardo Dicaprio opted to turn his first-ever Academy Awards acceptance speech into a brief lecture about climate change.

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Academy Awards Recap (Pictures And Video)


I’ve never been a big Academy Award show fan, none of my favorite movies like Airplane or Human Centipede or Sharknado ever get nominated. But the 2016 Academy Awards at least got it straight with Leonardo DiCaprio winning best actor. Leo has always been great in pretty much every movie he’s ever been in , and I can’t believe he got his start on the sitcom Growing Pains.  Congratulations Leo and all the winners and hopefully next year Deadpool or Zoolander 2 get nominated.





Strippers Give Their Oscars Predictions (Pictures)


Some of the gorgeous entertainers at Vivid Cabaret New York, the red hot gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan and home of the city’s tallest stripper pole (27 feet), offered their picks for this Sunday’s Academy Awards.

“Leonardo DiCaprio looked so hot in that big fuzzy beard fighting the bear,” cooed Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Jessica. “He’s gotta win Best Actor!”

“He’s awesome,” purred Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Paige. “But Matt Damon looked even hotter in a spacesuit. I hope he wins.”

The Vivid Cabaret Girls List of Oscar Winners for 2016:

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio “because, hello — he’s Leonardo DiCaprio!”

Best Actress: Brie Larson “because ‘Brie’ is a really sexy name.”

Best Director: Adam McKay for “The Big Short” “because he’s really into money and all things about Wall Street, like me!”

Best Film: “The Big Short” “because it has Ryan Gosling AND Angelina Jolie’s husband! Plus that funny guy from ‘The Office.’ “


The Vivid Cabaret New York Girls invite all the winners to visit them at the club and enjoy a celebratory lap dance. “It would be my pleasure,” purred Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Rebecca.

Vivid Cabaret is the New York home of the Vivid Adult Movie Stars and sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four block away. The club is known for its beautiful exotic dancers, exciting atmosphere, and warm hospitality. The heated Roof Deck Cigar Lounge and Garden is a favorite spot for celebrity, business, and private catered events.Vivid Cabaret New York

61 West 37th Street
*** Over 100 Entertainers Daily
*** Three Floors of Luxury
*** Deluxe Private Suites
*** VIP Ultra Lounge
*** 27 Foot Tall Stripper Pole
*** Roof Top Garden and Cigar Lounge
*** Now Open for Lunch
*** Four Stages
*** Vivid Radio (Sirius/XM) Broadcast Studio
*** RICK: NASDAQ Listed