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More WWE Divas NUDE Photos Leaked!!!!!!!!!!



WWE divas Paige,Maria,Melina,Summer Rae and more racy photos were leaked online. There has been no word from WWE Headquaters on the leaked pictures.  No word on if WWE will take legal action or suspend or fire the WWE Divas in question. This has been the first time so many WWE divas pictures have been leaked…And take it from ME they are HOT!!!

These pictures are NSFW : nudediva3http://adf.ly/1lsf0H



Breaking News : WWE Superstar Paige Leaked Sex Pictures And Videos!!!

WWE Diva Paige was the talk of the internet yesterday, with the release of some very racy pictures and videos featuring Paige with Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods. These pictures were a hot topic of discussion on social media as her fans reacted with a range of emotions with regard to the controversial images and video content. Most expressed concern about her future with the company after being the victim of such a malicious attack.

There was speculation about whether Paige would be let go after the controversy, but users said that WWE would be hypocritical in doing so considering Tom Phillips and Seth Rollins got a free pass when their photographs had leaked on the internet. #IstandwithPaige was a hashtag that trended among those who were on Paige’s side after the controversy.


NSFW  Pictures and Videos Here UPDATED :  




Paige Proposes To Alberto Del Rio (Video)

WWE suspended Diva Paige asks former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio’s hand in marriage in the middle of a wrestling ring. Paige and Del Rio are becoming the new “It couple” and its a strange pairing but whatever floats their boat. I doubt we will see Paige back in a WWE ring , I think as soon as her suspension is over we are going to get the customary wish you the best in your future endeavors Paige.  But the WWE can swerve and bring back both Del Rio and Paige and do some kind of good wrestling angle where she is his manager. Time will tell what happens to that happy couple. Congratulations to the happy couple. Here is the video of Paige on her knees : 


Alberto El Patron WCPW Debut Promo (Video)

Once again former WWE superstar and world champion Alberto Del Rio has left the WWE for WCPW and is using the name Alberto El Patron. Del Rio had two run with the WWE and the second run was a dud, as the WWE didn’t know what to do with him. The WWE tried to put him in the League Of Nations team but that ended with a dud also. Del Rio is a very talented superstar and I hope they treat him well in WCPW and wherever he ends up next. But if those don’t work out he always has WWE diva Paige to come home too….Lucky lucky man…..


NXTTAKEOVER : RIVAL 2/11/15 On WWE Network !!!!!!


The NXT pulls out all the stops on Wednesday night February 11th 2015, with its NXTTAKEOVER : Rival .  There are going to many great matches on the card, but the match that I am most looking forward too is between NXT champion Sami Zayn and his rival Kevin Owens.  I have seen Zayn and Owens battle many times in Ring Of Honor  as El Generico and Kevin Steen, I’ve also seen them as a great tag team. These guys can go the distance, and I think this is going to be a prolonged fued, and I really hope they get a chance to shine at Wrestlemania 31.   YOU can watch it all go down on the WWE NETWORK at 8pm EST.   YOU can order the WWE Network FREE for the month of February, just go to the WWE NETWORK ad on the superfanworld.com site.  Below is a NXTAKEOVER teaser featuring Zayn and Owens and the other is a battle between El Generico and Kevin Steen from Ring Of Honor.  WWE NXT the future is looking bright!!