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Artie Lange Rips Into Howard Stern (Video)

Aired on the Bernie and Sid Show 03/23/2017, following Artie Lange’s recent drug related arrest in Hoboken this week, Artie is asked once more for his opinions on her former boss Howard Stern and once again laid into his new management style.


Missing Richard Simmons (Videos)

Richard Simmons the weight loss guru hasn’t been seen in public in over a year. Many people are worried about Richard’s health and well being as many are saying he’s being controlled by a maid of the house in which he lives. Since the early 80’s i’ve always enjoyed Richard Simmons from his early days on General Hospital to his many appearances on The Howard Stern Show. There is a new podcast out there that is getting some publicity as its called Missing Richard Simmons as it tries to find out the real reason Simmons left the public eye. I hope Simmons is ok and happy, as I always thought of him as a sad little clown. 


Comedian Ari Shaffir Responds To Howard Stern About Podcasts (Audio)

Comedian Ari Shaffir responded after hearing Howard Stern bad mouthing him on Sirius radio .  Ari Shaffir  made some remarks against Howard on The Joe Rogan Podcast , about Howard being out of touch with the new generation. Howard responded that if you really want to be a broadcaster, don’t do a podcast get a job in radio. Here is Ari Shaffir’s response to Howard : 


The Shiznit Show On RedRock Podcast Network

joe-b-0Heyyyyy Nowwwww…If your looking for a funny and topical podcast take a listen to The Shiznit show hosted by Dino Red.   The show tackles serious issues, celebrity gossip and is a lot of fun to listen too. The show airs a new show every Monday and you can find it on Stitcher and I-Tunes. Here is the link to the RedRock Podcast Network which airs The Shiznit show :




Meet Lenny Podcast With Shuli Egar And Maddog Mattern (Video)

New podcast featuring Howard 100  News reporter and comedian Shuli Egar and comedian Maddog Mattern all about Lenny From Long Island : 


Mike Boyle Interviews Vic Dibitetto On 1/8/14

Comedian Mike Boyle interviews comedian Vic Dibitetto on Wednesday December 8th at 9pm on his podcast “The Mike Boyle Show” on  blogtalkradio.com. Mike is a great interviewer and I can’t wait to hear what he has to ask THAT GUY Vic Dibitetto.  Vic is a internet sensation with hundreds of videos on YouTube and one called “Bread And Milk” which has over ten million views and growing . To call into the show call  : 310-807-5150 . Here is the link to listen in:



Here is Vic’s Bread And Milk Video :