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Comedian Vic Dibitetto Featured In “Paul Blart : Mall Cop 2” Trailer (Video)

Vic Dibitetto rules and I can not wait to see this movie…Looks awesome!!!!!!!


Superfan Of The Month Of October 2014


This month’s Superfan Of The Month goes to a awesome comedian, who is rising to the top after working hard for over thirty plus years. I’m talking about the one and only Vic Dibitetto.  Vic is known as the self proclaimed donkey of comedy for being on the road for over thirty years. Vic hit it real big with his multi-million view video Bread N Milk that introduced him to a new legion of fans on the internet. Vic’s YouTube videos are hysterical and there are so many to choose from .  Vic will be in the new Kevin James movie “Mall Cop 2” debuting in theaters in April 2015.   I can’t wait to see Vic perform on Nov. 9th in NYC at Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square . Congratulations Vic on being this month’s Superfan Of The Month , and here is Vic’s web site and some of his best videos. 








The Best of Bread And Milk Parodies (Videos)

The awesome comedian Vic Dibitetto and his amazingly viral video Bread And Milk has created many parodies on the internet…Check out the original : 

Go to Vidibitetto.net for more


And now three of the best parodies



And a Bread And Milk remix :