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Mike Boyle Interviews Vic Dibitetto On 1/8/14

Comedian Mike Boyle interviews comedian Vic Dibitetto on Wednesday December 8th at 9pm on his podcast “The Mike Boyle Show” on  blogtalkradio.com. Mike is a great interviewer and I can’t wait to hear what he has to ask THAT GUY Vic Dibitetto.  Vic is a internet sensation with hundreds of videos on YouTube and one called “Bread And Milk” which has over ten million views and growing . To call into the show call  : 310-807-5150 . Here is the link to listen in:



Here is Vic’s Bread And Milk Video :



Howard “The King Of All Prizes” Birthday Show Contest

Heyyyy Nowwww ….. Make sure you fill out the entry form for your chance to win two tickets to the birthday bash , a hotel room and roundtrip airfare for 2.  This is a awesome contest, good luck to everybody. Contest is open till Jan 23rd. Here is the LINK!





What Was The Best Of 2013???

Heyyy Nowww…With the first new show of 2014 on Monday , what do you think was the best part of The Stern Show in 2013???  Metallica , The Ronnie / Lisa G. kiss or ????? My favorite part of the show in 2013 was when Robin told the world what she was battling over the past year.  It was such a heartfelt day and made me love the show even more. Let me know your favorite part of 2013….Here is Robin’s revelation and her return to the studio .