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Sharknado 4 (Review)

I love cheesy horror movies, Sharknado 1, Sharknado 2 , Human Centipede trilogy and so many 50’s horror movies. The Sharknado franchise was fun, but now the sharks are part of the joke and its not that funny anymore. They should play it more seriously and less goofy and the fourth one was just horrible with horrible special effects that looked like a four year old could do better.  If they want to do another one a  part 5, they need to go back to being a serious but cheesy but fun and watchable horror movie.  I’m sure they are planning a part 5 as part 4 ended with a cliffhanger. I just want a funny goofy movie, but not so cheesy and over the top with flying people and outer space….its too much and Sharknado is going to turn into the Friday The 13th franchise.  Hope they go back to the beginning with Sharknado, and we don’t call it Sharknado 5 who cares……….



Academy Awards Recap (Pictures And Video)


I’ve never been a big Academy Award show fan, none of my favorite movies like Airplane or Human Centipede or Sharknado ever get nominated. But the 2016 Academy Awards at least got it straight with Leonardo DiCaprio winning best actor. Leo has always been great in pretty much every movie he’s ever been in , and I can’t believe he got his start on the sitcom Growing Pains.  Congratulations Leo and all the winners and hopefully next year Deadpool or Zoolander 2 get nominated.