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The Best Of Chris Jericho (Videos)

Chris Jericho has been entertaining the fans of the WWE and WCW for many years and it seems like a fine wine he is just getting better. Chris Jericho just won The United States Championship , the only title that Jericho never held in the WWE. Here are some of the highlights of Chris Jericho and after that are some Chris Jericho merchandise for the Jerichoholic in all of us. 


Remembering Chyna !!!

There comes a time when somebody debuts in WWE or any entertainment outlet, and YOU know they are destined for legendary status, and Chyna was one of them. Chyna AKA known as Joannie Laurer the WWF 9th wonder of the world passed away on April 20th 2016. Chyna made woman’s wrestling cool and this was a time before we even knew what a WWE Diva was. Personal demons caused Chyna’s WWF and WWE career to be shortlived, but she made her mark and will always be remembered. I think Chyna in her heyday would have been a perfect Terminator or any DC or Marvel character. R.I.P Chyna and thank you for the memories, hopefully WWE gives Chyna her dues and puts her in the HOF

…..Here are some of the best of Chyna…..


WWE Makes Things Right And Wrong At Wrestlemania XXX

Wrestlemania XXX ended with a bang and a YES! when Daniel Bryan overcame all the odds to win the World title . This was a well played story line , with Bryan getting destroyed by HHH , Orton and Batista and overcoming them all , a true Wrestlemania moment. And now about The Undertaker losing the streak to Brock Lesnar, I was shocked and saddened to see the streak come to such a shocking end last night. I’m not sure if Brock Lesnar is the right guy to pass the torch too, he is only a barely part-time participant in WWE.  I hope WWE shows us their thoughts on why that happened last night and why of all people Brock Lesnar.  I’d rather see Mr. Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels breaking the streak. What do you think of Brock Lesnar breaking the streak?