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The Future Of The Howard Stern Show !!

With The Howard Stern Show three years away from the end of the latest SiriusXM five year contract for the show ending, what will the future hold for The Howard Stern Show ????

Rumor has it that the one and only Jimmy Kimmel might step in for the retiring Howard Stern and take over the show , after his contract ends on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. 

Jimmy Kimmel might be the only one that could possibly replace The King Of All Media , as Kimmel is a huge superfan of the show and gets “It” I think the respect that Jimmy has for Howard and for the show , it might be a smooth transition. We have had more Jimmy Kimmel in the studio as of late, and we might just get more as time goes by , and the transition slowly starts to take place. 

Nothing is written in stone, and we still have a long way to go with this, but if I could see anyone step up to the plate it would be Jimmy Kimmel to replace Howard Stern on SiriusXM.  Time will tell …..


Breaking News : Howard Stern TV To Return Sometime This Year !!!!!!!!

According to SiriusXM  :  Asked about the Stern video plans on the earnings conference call with Wall Street analysts, Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer of SiriusXM, reiterated that video offers would be rolled out this year. The company and Stern have been looking at “how can we turn this into both a creative exercise that would be interesting to our subscribers, as well as makes sense economically,” he explained. “It’s totally on plan right now. … We are in daily conversation on reviewing creative and different elements that go with that.”

He said there would be announcements coming this year that will lead to the rollout. “It’s a creative process and … we want to make sure it’s both correct, it’s exciting and it breaks through and that takes a little time,” he emphasized. “The great thing is that Howard is super engaged with this.” Greenstein concluded by saying “we feel pretty optimistic where we are going to end up on this.”

CEO Jim Meyer was then asked if SiriusXM was exploring additional video offers. In 2017, “our focus is to get Howard correct,” he said, but signaled the company could do more video beyond that. “I don’t think we are ever going to be in the standalone video business,” he said. “We are trying to look for areas where video and that video experience very much complements what our subscribers are getting from SiriusXM and in fact would make them more sticky and more appreciative of our service.


My Call To Howard Stern (Video)

Heyyyy Nowww…. On 1/13/14 I woke up at 4 a.m. and was going over and over in my mind if I should call into The Howard Stern Show and try to win the coveted birthday bash tickets and represent the Stern Facebook Superfans and superfanworld  on Jan 31st at the Hammerstern ballroom. I decided to go for it and started dialing at 5:45 a.m.  I got through on a few rings and told the guy on the phone I wanted to talk to Howard about Woody Allen and his lifetime achievement award at The Golden Globes award show . Howard took my call at around 6:15 a.m and I was on the air at least 15 to 20 minutes just laughing and joking with the king and then playing The Ronnie Mund game and winning tickets to the birthday bash. I was on cloud nine after the call and got tons of Facebook messages and texts from friends .  I cannot wait for Jan 31st this is the first Howard Stern event I have ever been at , and after 30 plus years of listening .  WE will have tons of pictures and videos from the bash right here on superfanworld.com . Here is my call to THE KING!