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Wrestlemania 32 Recap !!!!!!

WE are back with our Wrestlemania 32 recap…….Wrestlemania was over 5 hours last night, and it was a good show despite many negative posts on social media. The show was entertaining and if I had one word to describe the show it would be surprising. 

The IC ladder match was done well and I think could have gone longer with bigger and better spots. I really liked the tribute to Dusty Rhoades during the match by his son Cody, who dressed like The American Dream via poka dots and also had a poka dot ladder which was a great touch.  Sami Zayn did well in the match and got to beat up his former friend and unfortunately now former IC champion Kevin Owens. But the surprise of the night had to be Zack Ryder winning the match and the IC title. Zack pretty much came out of nowhere to win. But I do think he might lose it tonight on Raw. Good going Zack the first time in your ten years in WWE with your Wrestlemania moment .

Jericho Vs. AJ Styles : Another match that ended with a surprise with Jericho getting the win on the up and coming AJ Styles. The match was good with some great spots from both WWE Stars . 

The New Day Vs. League Of Nations : Not the best match of the night, but it was GREAT to see The New Day come out of the biggest cereal box EVER.  The WWE pushed The New Day to the next level with this match, even though they lost to the League Of Nations. I hope the WWE puts out Booty O’s cereal .

Dean Ambrose Vs. Brock Lesnar : This was a street fight match, and it didn’t go far enough or get violent enough for Wrestlemania. They should have at least battled on the big Mania ramp or maybe backstage as we have seen many times with WWE street fight matches. This was just ok….but could have been something awesome.

Stone cold, Mick Foley and HBK Mania appearance : What makes Mania the awesome show it is, is that they always bring back the legends in some way and this was fun to see them all back in the WWE ring and causing havoc as always. Just sad to see that the legends could get such a great pop from the audience and be more electrifying than anybody now on the WWE roster.

Becky Lynch Vs. Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte : This match was on the best of the night with a lot of great action and also that the WWE brought back the Woman’s title to the winner of this match. This match set the standard in Woman’s wrestling now they are not just seen as divas but as wrestlers they are. The future of the woman’s division in WWE looks bright 

The Andre The Giant Battle Royal :  Eh it was a good bathroom break match between Taker and the championship match. Shaq was a surprise entrant into the battle royal. And I think WE are going to get Shaq vs. Big show next year at Mania in Orlando. Good match and surprising that NXT star Baron Corbin won it. Let’s see what they do with Baron , now that he won this match. 

Taker vs. Shane Mcmahon : Good typical Taker mania match but Shane O’Mac is a cyborg to jump off the cell like he did in this match. The action was good for guys in their mid 40’s I wish Vince would have come out and laughed at his fallen son or something, maybe we will get that tonight on Raw. 

HHH Vs. Roman Reigns : Eh it was exciting, but we all knew that Roman and the Roman Empire were going to win the match. Stephanie took a big bump which was good, but its just with the WWE cramming Roman down our throats whether we like it or not, its very annoying. Hopefully Roman keeps it till Rollins is 100% better and loses to Rollins, maybe at Summerslam.

Well that is my Mania recap. A good card and the WWE surprised the WWE Universe with more than a few matches. Now the WWE got to keep it up with Monday Night Raw tonight.  Mania returns to Orlando next year and hopefully Superfanworld will be there LIVE. That is all for now, see you all tomorrow for our RAW recap.