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Superfanworld Comedy Night In NYC (Review)

What a fun night in NYC on August 7th at The Broadway Comedy Club with the Superfanworld Comedy Night !!!!

Awesome comedians that killed that night were Matthew Mendillo, James L . Mattern , Mike Morse , Mark Lawrence and the headliner Mario Saenz. Everybody laughed their heads off with all the comedians just kicking ass . 

Howard Stern wackpack in attendance were Fred The Elephant Boy, Medicated Pete and the one and only Sour Shoes….. Sour performed during the night and you can see the FB Live video Here : SourShoesLive

Its been a long while since we did a Stern Fan get together and it felt nice to see old and new faces in the crowd all having fun and enjoying the night. There will be more events and fun!!!!

Here are some pictures from the night : Make sure YOU follow us on Twitter @Sternfbsuperfan and Instagram @superfanworld and of course Stern Facebook Superfans 









One Year Ago Today Howard Stern Last Appearance With David Letterman (Videos)

It’s been one year already that Howard Stern said goodbye to his friend David Letterman, as Letterman was getting ready for retirement from his talk show. The Superfans were outside as always cheering on Howard, I miss those times as it was a fun time to hang with some superfans. Those days may be gone, but memories never die. Here is a look back at that day : 


Superfanworld Comedy Night 06/04/16 !!!!


Superfanworld is pleased to announce OUR first Superfanworld comedy night in NYC on June 4th. We will showcase THE BEST comedians in and around NYC. WE have a great line up of awesomely funny people. Come out for a great night of fun and laughs. Tickets are limited and will sell out FAST!!

Superfanworld Comedy Night will take place at Producers’ Club which is located on 358 West 44th Street. The venue is close to all mass transit. 

All sales are Final !!!

To order YOUR tickets click here : SuperfanworldComedyNight